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A natural, holistic solution to improve your emotional and physical health.

Reiki is a word from the Japanese language, meaning “Life Force Energy.” Life energy, which makes up our thoughts, emotions, and consciousness, is in every living thing and connects us all. 

What is Reiki?

A natural, holistic solution to improve your emotional and physical health.

Reiki is a word from the Japanese language, meaning “Life Force Energy.” Life energy, which makes up our thoughts, emotions, and consciousness, is in every living thing and connects us all. 

We all have places in our energy that are off balance. 

We can be off balance due to stress, disease, pain, or emotional blocks, just to name a few. A Reiki practitioner offers this life force energy to you for you to receive where you are off balance, to help your body heal itself back into balance. Reiki does not require belief in order to be effective. Being open to trying Reiki is all you need. Reiki does not require meditation, physical manipulation of any kind, breathing patterns, or any effort at all. It’s a gentle and effective holistic technique for effortlessly receiving the life force energy you need to restore your mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual balance. 

About Reiki

Reiki is a powerful and gentle healing technique that:

~Relaxes your muscles

~Promotes natural self-healing

~Strengthens the immune system

~Relieves pain

~Relaxes and reduces stress

~Treats symptoms and causes of illness

~Balances the energies in the body

~Clears toxins

~Adapts to the natural needs of the receiver

~Enhances personal awareness

~Releases blocked and suppressed feelings

~Assists meditation and positive thinking

~Energizes you and brings balance, well being and harmony 

~Heals holistically 

~Compliments all forms of treatments and therapies

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Who I Serve

I work with people who seek holistic solutions to problems that most doctors prescribe meds for. I help them naturally release stress, relieve pain, heal faster, shed emotional baggage, and gain an awareness of their mind-body connection.

My clients experience improvements in their physical and emotional health from our very first session together. This is true in person or by distance.

Reiki Healing Sessions

Experience the power of energy healing.  Reiki healing sessions restore balance, increase overall well being, induce relaxation, speed healing, relieve pain, clear toxins, assist meditation, increase intuition and more.

Reiki healing sessions may feel warm, tingly, and intensely relaxing. Most people report feelings of absolute relaxation, peaceful bliss, colors, tingles, or heat. Stress dissolves, pain releases, emotions become lighter, optimism increases, and you experience a deep sense of well-being. 


Would you like individual help with something specific? I’m here to help!

Healing work and Intuitive Development mentoring

Get assistance with your energy healing practice, how to strengthen your healing work, or strengthen your intuition. I’ll offer you solid options, concrete advice, and caring support with the perfect combination of intuition and experience.

Holistic Business Mentoring

Starting a holistic business has unique challenges. During this one on one, you’ll be able to present your challenges, get solid advice and together we’ll craft a step-by-step plan together for building the success you want to achieve.

Reiki Instruction

Learn the holistic practice of Reiki and harness your natural powers for healing yourself and others.

Practical Reiki™ instruction provides the tools to learn intuitive practices that can be incorporated into your everyday to help boost energy, outlook, and health. This modern approach does not require you to learn hand positions or symbols. 

Learn Reiki energy healing quickly, simply, and use it immediately. 

Instruction is available in person one on one, or learn with a friend for a discount. Schedule your lesson immediately with my handy scheduler.

Intuitive Guidance

Sometimes we just need some guidance to help understand where we are, and where we are going.

I offer Angel Card Readings both in person and online. I use a specialized method that helps specifically address your questions and shine some light on the areas that concern you.

You can also have the opportunity to see a visual representation of your energy system (chakras and aura) in real time with my state of the art Aura Camera ReadingsChoose a reading alone, or one combined with a Reiki session, before and after. 

Advanced Healing Methods

I’m trained in specialty healing methods to help you discover and clear the origin of issues, release self-limiting beliefs, relieve uncomfortable emotions, develop inner peace, and experience relief from grief. 

Click below to explore options for your specific needs.

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Reiki Awakening
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Melanie PetersonMelanie Peterson
19:00 05 Apr 24
Alice has been such a positive influence on me. I started coming to her when I was really struggling & didn't know what to do to get my anxiety under control. She has helped me with tools to deal with my anxiety. She has such a beautiful energy and environment in her office. I feel so much better after a session with her. If you are on the fence, as I was when I started, I would encourage you to have an appointment with her and try it out for yourself. She has been such a big impact on my life in a very short time. I would recommend her to anyone.
15:11 21 Feb 24
Great personality, and easy going. I felt very at peace as me and my wife were married. Would definitely recommend.
Ashley JohnsonAshley Johnson
15:23 17 Oct 23
Simply put, Alice is the best. Alice has been helping me manage anxiety while dealing with fertility treatments and has been life-changing. She goes beyond just the wonderful table practice, giving you real, tangible skills to help better manage your life. These are skills that have already had an impact on myself and my family. I am eternally grateful. If you are thinking of this at all please take advantage of Alice's wonderful services (she also does great classes and online resources!)
16:46 08 Oct 23
I have been practicing Practical Reiki for 7 years. This is the best Reiki program out there. It's very easy to follow and extremely effective. I learned how to self heal, heal others and this practice opened my intuitive abilities beyond my expectations. Thank you so much for creating this amazing and much needed program Alice. With Love and Light!
Melissa LowMelissa Low
13:25 21 Apr 23
If you're thinking of trying reiki or any other of Alice's services you MUST do it. Alice is absolitely amazing and I have had nothing but experiences that are just to good to describe! I recently had a handful of reiki sessions and took her practical reiki classes to become attuned to level 2 so far. although I've had many reiki sessions, my experiences with Alice have far exceeded my past expectations with others. I am sensitive to the energies and feel so much...vibrating, waves, pressure, pai.relief, stress releif, all sorts of feelings and release of them. reiki is hard to describe in writing if you haven't felt it and feels different for everyone....my sessions are always intense, amazing and everything I could hope for!!! yesterday I was so tired when I arrived even my voice was weak.....and I left her office full of happy uplifting feelings ready to take on the day! I was so excited I also added an angel card reading.....which had I doubts about....but it couldn't possibly have been more accurate and interesting. I can't wait to do it again. i plan to try everything she has to offer as she has plenty to teach us and I can't waaaait to learn more. I've sent a friend already and will be continuing to always reccomend Alice to everyone interested.
Leashes EndLeashes End
17:12 30 Nov 19
Professor Alice Langholt and her students from Montgomery College came over to perform Reiki healing on our senior dogs and cats on October 2nd, 2019. They were super gentle and attentive. The pets all LOVED it.18-year-old Buddha who suffers from advanced cardio-pulmonary disease; 21-year-old Toby who suffers from nervous agitation following a lifetime of neglect; 13-year-old Allie and 21-year-old Grandpa Kitty who suffer from who suffers from severe arthritis and mobility challenges; and 16-year-old Sheldon who was recently diagnosed with stage-3 renal failure are just a few of our pets who benefited from this wonderful session.We're excited to invite Alice and her upcoming class to help our senior pets again next semester! Such a special gift for all of us!

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