Last night, I sent distance Reiki to my friend who has been experiencing some anxiety. I sent energy, as before, to her area of concern, and to her heart and crown chakras, and to her knees, which made my hands tingle when I mentally scanned there. Then, I did the distance symbol, and asked that healing energy go to her past life trauma involving pain. I felt tingling then, but less heat than the last time I sent energy there. I am hoping that it means that the issue is resolving for her, albeit gradually. I will most likely have an opportunity to do hands-on for her next week, and I’ll keep you “posted” (ooh, a blogging pun!).

A little note: I remember thinking while I was sending distance Reiki last night, and my whole hands were tingling like mad, that I bet I could charge a cell phone battery if I felt that when I was holding it! Guess I’ll have to keep trying for that one!

Meanwhile, later last night, my 15-month-old woke up crying inexplicably. I took her into my bed, and wondered if she was having some pain due to gas. She laid down face-up on my stomach, and I activated Reiki and put my hand on her stomach. Within minutes, she was passing gas, and then she felt better and went to bed peacefully.

Tomorrow night I am sending distance Reiki to my other friend who I send to weekly. She wants to learn Reiki I and may join a Reiki I class taught by my Reiki teacher. I am encouraging her to do this.

Happy holiday wishes to those celebrating today.

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