Well I finally experienced distance Reiki for the first time! My Reiki teacher was generous enough to send me a short session of distance Reiki tonight, even though she was tired. I was really anxious to feel what it is like to experience a distance Reiki treatment, because I have been sending distance Reiki on a daily basis for almost a month now. I want to be familiar with what people on the receiving end might feel when I’m sending them the energy.

And…it was really great! I felt heat and tingling, just like I tell people they might. I could tell where the energy was going, and my hands tingled the whole time, and then were very warm for a long time afterward. I am so glad to be sensitive to energy. I never knew I would be.

Reiki has been such a learning experience for me that I’m still finding myself surprised. I never would have gotten involved with Reiki had I not met my Reiki teacher, and I am deeply and profoundly grateful to her.

I am looking forward to continuing with my Reiki journey, and studying and practicing for my ART at the end of next month.

I’ve been thinking lately that I’m already a teacher by profession. Maybe it is in my path to eventually teach Reiki to people. Time will tell, but I know the path is out there if I find myself headed that way.

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