I tried some new things tonight, based on some interesting suggestions I’ve read lately on Reiki message boards and in Rand’s book The Reiki Touch.

  • I sent distance Reiki to my future self, and invited (me) to send Reiki back, in order to establish a connection to my more experienced self, who can be a guide for me. Maybe the me of the future has some way of helping to guide me along this energetic path I have undertaken. I felt tingles, and waves of energy, and I directed my hands outward first, and then toward each other, and toward my face, and then again toward each other and outward. When I first held them outward, I felt as if pressure from other hands were pushing against my hands, like standing hand-to-hand with another person! Very cool.
  • I also sent Reiki to an intention for my own healing of an annoying health issue I’ve been having. I sent Reiki to the intention to heal the CAUSE of the thing that’s been bothering me, and to strengthen my immune system. I put my hands on my neck on both sides to send the energy to my blood, and then to my heart chakra, where there was a lot of heat for quite a while, and then to my solar plexus chakra too.
  • Finally, and for a very short time, I sent Reiki to the spirit of my great aunt, who died when I was 14, but was someone I was very close to. I miss her every day, and I sent healing to her, and love, and just in case she could know how much I always cared. I felt energy tingling my fingers, and held them still for about 5 minutes.

I know I have expressed that I have a hard time believing in some of these things, but I decided to “jump in” and give it a try with an open mind. I’ll never know unless I try. So I’m trying.

I wonder though, I mean, every time I activiate Reiki energy with an intention, I feel heat and tingles. Is it really getting everywhere I send it? The people I send to always seem to feel it, and I know I felt it when my teacher sent energy to me. So, I should not doubt based on these facts I know. Still. It’s a little weird. But I’m trying.

Thanks for reading. I always invite comments.


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