I received an email this morning from the Distance Healing Network. Apparently, they are full at this time, but the email said that in about two weeks I would be assigned a Group Leader, and be accepted as a volunteer.

Oh, okay.

Meanwhile, my oldest daughter has a fever and a bad cough. I gave her Reiki for an hour this morning, along with some Tylenol, and I am going to make sure she rests today! I’m planning to give her Reiki a couple more times during the day too. It stinks to be sick on vacation.

I sent distance Reiki last night, experiencing very tingly fingers the whole time. I’m waiting for feedback about it.

Also, the baby was up in the middle of the night again. She calmed down after a little Reiki and some sips of water.

I don’t have anyone scheduled for Reiki tonight, so I’m taking requests! Anyone??

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