Yesterday was interesting. I sent distance Reiki to my sister. It was her first time, and she wasn’t really sure what she was feeling. We’re going to try it again. My hands tingled the whole time, and I felt connected to her energy, but she wasn’t sure if any of what she was feeling was the Reiki.

I also sent Reiki to a friend, her first time also, last night, and she is supposed to call me with feedback. I attempted to balance her chakras, and sent to her aura, with the intent focused on the energy reaching her greatest good. She is the one I set this up with in the restaurant (see Spreading the Word).

And, I sent distance Reiki in response to a request on a Reiki message board. I’m trying to send one of those every day now too, as long as the person Reiki is requested for has given permission.

A mild virus (fever, aching, a little coughing), has been making the rounds through my kids. My middle daughter had it two days ago, and last night it was the little guy’s turn. He started with a headache, and said his foot hurt. He called me to give him Reiki at bedtime, and twice in the middle of the night. The second time I sent him distance from my bed. Then, he was in my bed at 5 a.m. with a fever and headache. I gave him Tylenol and Reiki for about an hour, and now he’s feeling better. My middle daughter is still coughing, though, and I think I’ll be giving them both Reiki during the day today.

I felt like I was sending Reiki in my dreams too, because I kept feeling my hands tingle during the night besides all of this!

And, yes, I’m still trying with my cell phone. I seriously tried last night, with even having an intention for the most powerful signal and the strongest battery life, the greatest good of the phone, and for all those who call me on my cell phone to feel Reiki healing energy! I felt some tingling and a little heat as I held that thing, but…the bars of power didn’t increase. I plugged it in this morning. Am I laughable or determined? Maybe there’s a fine line between them! I think I’m on the right track, though!

Wishing all of my readers Peace and a New Year filled with blessings, positive energy, and new discoveries!

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