Originally posted 12/4/07

I want to thank a friend from my previous blog for letting me practice my newfound ability on her! Even though she lives in Chicago somewhere, and I’m miles and miles away in Cleveland, Ohio, we had a very positive experience last night!

I dimmed the lights, put on my soothing inspiring music of choice (“Dead Can Dance” – a strange name, but awesome music), and concentrated on sending the most positive, healing energy possible to her. I felt tingly, and slightly warm, not burning hands like I have felt before, but a different sort of tingle. Maybe it’s because we’ve never met. I don’t know. But I really tried to send Reiki to any place that I felt there could be a need, and every place that I felt a tingle at all, or any warmth when I thought of that part and mentally “scanned” her. I also sent Reiki to her aura in general, and asked that the energy go where it’s most needed.
Afterward, I emailed to let her know that I was done. Then I watched my computer for a while, waiting for an email back, and then I went to bed. I was a little nervous, hoping that what I was trying to do was received as I intended.

This morning, there was lovely feedback from her! She felt the energy I sent, and even felt really good during and afterward, and she even sensed when I began and when I stopped.
I think we’ll do it again sometime soon.Thank you, E.!

Anyone else? Email me – I want to continue practicing and helping people.There’s no charge – I only ask that you email me sincere, honest feedback afterwards. (The next morning is fine).Here’s the email:click this!

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