Originally posted 11-29-07

I’ve recently started training in Reiki practice. Being a spritually skeptical person, I started with more the desire for Reiki to be real than the belief in its validity. I’ve really had a kind of epiphany.

My teacher is a friend and Reiki Master. She is very sensitive and amazing. Her hands become very hot with Reiki energy, and she can easily sense where physical or emotional trouble is. But I never believed that I would be able to channel Reiki energy and really feel something real. Until now.

Tami (that’s her name) attuned me to the Level II Reiki symbols. Last year, when I was pregnant, she trained me in Reiki I, and attuned me to the energy. I practiced it, and felt that it probably did help me during labor, and my pregnancy. Plus, my baby is a very easygoing, happy and sweet little girl.

But since I’ve been attuned to Reiki II, I can do and feel so much more, and it’s actually tangible. I have been able to send distance Reiki to my mother and strangers, each of whom have actually felt the energy I’ve sent them. I’ve even been able to sense where a person needs healing. It’s amazing.

I am not a crunchy granola type. I am a cynic about spiritual matters, and have a tough time accepting those with religious confidence in God or other dieties. I get nothing out of structured religious services, and don’t buy into the traditional religious views.

This has been amazing. Anyone wanting more information, or wanting a distance Reiki treatment, please contact me. Email, or leave a comment here. I will try to help you. The practice will be good for me, and it could help you too. You can even give me feedback about what you experienced. I won’t charge anything.
Just have an open mind.

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