The last few days I’ve met some really inspiring Reiki people over the internet! I’ve learned some new ways to try things, read about some amazing experiences with Reiki energy, and found caring, genuine, good-hearted people who are interested in extending support to one another, and anyone who asks. So I’m writing to express gratitude for them, and to give them a formal “Hello and Thanks!!”

Rockie – Editor of the DFW Reiki Healing Network –
-a down to earth Reiki person who I felt an immediate affinity for in our emails.

Carole WorldAngel – a spiritual healer who uses Reiki and other techniques daily and has amazing sensitivity and confidence! – and she’s way down under in Austraila!

Stephen Buck – a very active poster over at – a very supportive community who post on various message boards about Reiki. He writes thorough, generously thought out comments that really come from a place of experience, and he’s given me much to ponder and inspired me to try new ideas! Thanks, Steve!!

Thanks for the warm welcome, new Reiki friends!

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