I find myself dearly wanting to be valuable -to channel Reiki healing to help people as much as I can. I spent a lot of time today and last night finding Reiki websites and Reiki Message Boards and writing posts introducing myself and inviting people here.

I’m going to send Reiki to the desire for being part of a community, and for finding people that I can give and send Reiki to.

Happily, I do have an appointment to send Reiki tonight. I have started feeling like something is missing if I am not sending Reiki every night, or using Reiki every day.

Today I explained about Reiki to my husband’s cousin who is in from Utah. He seemed pretty weirded out by the idea, and like I had just joined a cult. As if.

A question: I noticed that people on message boards who put in requests for healing do not often give their real name. I thought in order to send distance (or absent) Reiki, the sender needs the person’s name and his or her mother’s name. That’s what I’ve been using for the “energy address” when I send Reiki. Also, I send to one person at a time so I can focus exclusively on that person.


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