I’ve been reading The Reiki Touch by William Lee Rand. It’s been very interesting and informative for the most part. I know he’s a well respected expert on the subject of Reiki.

And yet, I am the kind of person who finds it easier to believe in things that I personally experience. Reiki has been wonderful for me in that it’s tangible, and consistent, and I’ve been able to experience real results from both sending and receiving Reiki.

There are some things in Rand’s book that are hard for me to accept – probably because I haven’t experienced them, and also because they seem imaginative. Granted, the idea of Reiki seemed unreal when I first heard of it too, and I’ve since become not only convinced 100% of Reiki’s reality, but I’ve brought Reiki to others who had never experienced it.

So I’m asking anyone out there to help me with some of the concepts Rand writes on that are (still) or at least so far, way out there for me. Maybe I’m just not ready to experience these. Maybe I never will. But right now, these subjects are sitting over in the “too strange to believe” section of my brain. (I think the idea of using Reiki to charge a cell phone might be there too, but for that one I’m going to suspend my disbelief and keep trying!)

  • Enlightened (and unenlightened) spirit guides/angels that give advice when asked.
  • Healing power of World Peace Crystal Grids
  • Using Reiki to release spirits that are possessing a person or place

I know there are many people who practice Reiki, in various forms, levels, and with a wide range of spiritual beliefs. I’ve been reading lots of Reiki websites, from blogs to message boards.

I am a “down to earth person” – and I feel pretty different from a lot of the people whose writings I’ve read lately. I need some perspective from someone who also considers him or herself to be “down to earth,” “a realist,” or going about life with a fair dose of healthy skepticism. If you are out there, please respond. If this isn’t you, that’s okay – no disrespect intended. But today I’m looking for a little perspective from someone like me.

So thanks!

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