Sunday is going to be a busy Reiki day for me – the kind of day I’m starting to look forward to very much!!

I’m going to give my first (non-family) full hands-on Reiki treatments – to two people – one in the morning, and one in the afternoon! I know both recipients, and have been sending each of them distance Reiki weekly or more for about six weeks. So I feel aquainted with their energy, and comfortable with them as friends. It’s a good way to start branching out.

And, I’ve taken the plunge and joined a Sunday Reiki Share group. That is a list, from a message board, (in this case, of Reiki practitioners who agree to send Reiki every Sunday (at the time of each person’s choice) to everyone on the Sunday Reiki Share list, with the energy to be simply sent for the greatest good of the members on the list. Each member is supposed to post afterward to say Reiki was sent to the list, and is responsible for taking his or her name off the list if he/she is not going to participate. I’m looking forward to sending Reiki, and feeling the energy that is sent my way. I can use the boost on Sundays, and especially this Sunday, when I’m doing my first hands-on treatments, this could be very empowering for me!

I’ll be sure to post when it’s done, and tell you what I felt, and how it all went.

I really have the feeling that Reiki is taking me somewhere, and I like the new opportunities that seem to be opening up for me.

Another note————
I sent Reiki this morning, with the distance symbol, to an intention/wish for jobs to be offered to me, today and in the coming week. Today, I did get a new freelance assignment, was told that another game company has projects for me, and the greeting card company I’ve been writing for told me that she’ll be contacting me for more writing in two weeks. A very good start!! Yes, I’ve been working for this, but the Reiki at least put me into the mindset for good things to happen. Yay!

Peace and gratitude.

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