My mom woke up not feeling well this morning, and I sent her Reiki, which she felt very strongly, and then she felt much better – almost completely better. I cautioned her though, from personal experience last week, that when I received a strong distance Reiki session and I was sick, that my “recovery” was temporary. It was like I had taken a wonderful medicine, but after a certain amount of time, it wore off and I felt terrible again until I had another “dose.”
Anyone have an opinion as to whether Reiki is a “cure” or a “medicine”? I know it encourages healing, and relieves symptoms, but I think that I experienced it being a temporary kind of relief.

Also, I’m learning about Gyoshi Ho – Reiki with the eyes – from reading Wm. Rand’s “The Reiki Touch” and watching his DVD. I think the staring is interesting, and he claims that practicing this technique will help one to develop the ability to see the energetic colors in an aura, and even see past lives. I’m intrigued, but wonder if anyone can advise me more about this. Has anyone tried it with success? My daughter is willing to let me try it on her, but before I just go into the staring bit, I think I need a little more advice from someone more experienced in this.

And, I sent Reiki last night to my DHN client. I only have a first name and location for this person. I hope the energy gets to her. I feel like the more information I have, the easier it is for the energy to flow strongly, but this could be my own misheggas.

Love & Light.

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