I’ve decided, following my RMT’s very intuitive suggestion, that it’s time to try to get my learning caught up with my experience. Yes, I’ve put one on reserve, and taken two Reiki books out of the library! Woo-hoo!

The first is Reiki Healing, by Carmen Fernandez, which I learned about on Reiki Artist’s blog. It is full of big, beautiful photographs, and I am psyched to dive in.

The other is Dean Kraft’s A Touch of Hope which jumped out to me from the shelf. It’s an autobiography of a laying-on-of-hands healer, and I’ve been riveted from the first page! His experiences are amazing, and his description of how he feels when he channels Reiki is very familiar to me, and makes me feel like I know him. He has had many more high-level psychic experiences, though, from door locks mysteriously clicking out messages, to receiving visions, bringing a child out of a coma, and helping a paralyzed person walk again. (All that, and he’s Jewish too.) I’m fascinated.

There will be lots more learning to come for me, but I’m thrilled to be on this quest to learn all I can about Reiki.

My husband says I’m weirdly obsessed with it lately. I think he’s right, but I don’t see it as a problem. I’m just excited about Reiki, probably because I’ve found something that satisfies my desire for something simultaneously spiritual and utterly real. I think he will come around eventually. I’ll keep giving him Reiki from time to time, until it stops seeming so weird. My kids already feel its benefits, and it’s become normal for them to ask for Reiki for everything from a nightmare to a scrape or headache.

I’m going to start giving hands-on Reiki treatments, beginning in a few days. Well, it will be my first full hands-on Reiki channeling to someone outside my immediate family. I’m excited about getting more experience in this as well.

Peace and Hope.

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