Last night and this morning, I sent Reiki to lists of people.

The first list was to the other Reiki practitioners in my DHN group. I had their first and last names. We were asked by our group leader to send Reiki to each other for strength and healing.

The second list was the Sunday Reiki Share list, also Reiki practitioners, that send each other healing each Sunday. I sent to that list this morning.

I have been posting on Reiki message boards, asking for suggestions for sending Reiki to a list of people who have given permission or requested Reiki, even if all one has are screen names. I have found it harder to connect to the Sunday Share list of only screen names like “bethyboo” and no other information. My hands buzz a little, but I don’t feel strongly connected like I do with first and last names, or even more information.

People have given me different responses. Some say you can’t send to a list at once. Others say send in batches of smaller numbers at a time. Others suggest visualization of some sort, for instance, visualizing a wheel, with each person’s name on one spoke, and sending to the wheel. (This felt too hard, even for my rather active imagination). Someone else suggested imagining the distance symbol as a bridge, and the people from the list across the bridge and sending the Reiki to them across the bridge. (Also a little challenging for me). The third suggestion I found on a message board, not written to me, but to someone else who asked the same kind of question about 6 months before I did. It sounds nice. I’m going to share it here:

Diane’s method –
My routine is very simple, which I guess is why I do it every day. When Igo to sleep, I fold all who I am sending Reiki to into a space between myhands that are cupped lightly together (like praying but not totally flat). Size does not matter; I can hold the whole planet in my hands if that’s whatI choose to do, or just crowds of tiny people–like the Reiki_On list. Unless there is someone I’m deliberately focusing on, I don’t try to individualize them by saying names…I just let the awareness of them stay at the threshold of consciousness, where I know all their vibrations are even if I am not fully conscious of them. I just let myself resonate withthat, intending to make the connection.For the sending, I hold my hands over my heart chakra in this “prayerpose” and do a quick sequence of CKR/HSZSN/CKR/SHK/CKR (sometimes visualizing them shining inside my hands, sometimes floating over the surface), and then ask the Reiki energy to go to whoever opens to receive it, continuing as long as the energy is needed. Then I just let the energy burn there until I fall asleep, trusting the sending to “end” at the proper time for each person in the sending. I find it’s a very simple, but very powerful, technique.

Okay. I didn’t do that one yet either. But it sounds nice, and I probably will try it, because besides sounding nice, I think I could manage that kind of visualization.

Here’s what I did: I wrote the power, mental/emotional, and distance symbols on the list, around the names. I drew the distance symbol in the air and the other two on my palms and third eye chakra (I like the feel of sending energy from there too). I read the names on the list three times – the whole list top to bottom three times. Then, I held my hands with palms facing the list, and held my gaze on each name for a few minutes at a time, intending the Reiki to go to each person on the list individually, for as long and where they each would have a need, for their greatest good. When I reached the bottom of the list (it had about 12 names), I read each name again, top to bottom, slowly. Then, I was done. One person from the list is supposed to email me feedback. I emailed her afterward, but she hasn’t written back as of this posting. I will update when I have more news about how/if the energy was received. It felt effective from my end.

Peace, Light and Love.

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