Yes I’m sick with a stupid chest cold. I spent a miserable night with a sore throat and lots of congestion (cue the sound effect: awwww!). This morning, while the baby took a nap, I rested a while and then did some Reiki on myself. I felt heat, and still pain. Then I decided to try to energetically “pull the pain out” of my throat. I tried to envision that happening – the pain attached to a long cord of white light, and I pulled and pulled from my throat. I followed it up with sending some healing energy to the same place. I think it helped a bit, though I’m still bogged down by this thing (time for another awwww!).

Anyway, I have a couple of questions –
Regarding sending Reiki to a list of people, whether it is a Sunday Share list of Reiki practitioners, or a list of people who have just requested it for various troubles, does it “dilute” the Reiki if one is sending to the list, with the intent that the energy go to help each person as they need it most?

And how much leeway does one have when sending Reiki? Can one send Reiki intending that it continue past the actual treatment length? I know some do this with a crystal grid, but what about just sending a treatment via distance?

I know someone who needs much more Reiki than I can send alone – she could use a dose every hour, no joke. Could one send with an intention like that – that the recipient receive a continuing dose of Reiki energy throughout the day, on the hour?

And, finally, since I’m low energy on the health side, will Reiki I send be less strong? I have an appointment to send distance Reiki tonight, and would like to be able to do a good job – any suggestions?


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