I was kind of excited, thinking I was finally tuning in to seeing a little hint of an aura when looking at people. I’ve been practicing every day, relaxing my gaze, looking slightly above the head of people, and each time it looks about the same, no matter who I’m looking at. Like a little white or clear-ish outline of their head or whatever body part I’m staring at that way.

Today I tested myself. I failed.

What I mean is, I did the same kind of relaxed, slightly out of focus directed stare, but this time I was looking at a chair. Guess what. The chair has the same “aura” I’ve been seeing as the ones on the people. It’s not an aura. It’s an out of focus fuzzy outline.

I’m not seeing what I thought I was seeing.

Well, that was a disappointment.

On the brighter side (ha ha ha), last night before bed I did Reiki on my eyes and third eye chakra, and for the first time I saw colors swirling around, really vivid, pretty colors. Pink, yellow, purple, orange. It was very cool. I wasn’t pressing or anything. It was real. I’m taking comfort in that for a while.

And, about my hands tingling all day yesterday….my RMT said it means that my energy is shifting. As in developing to a new level of awareness. Okay. I hope so. Someone on a message board said it meant that I needed to unblock myself somewhere, and the tingling was a signal. Could be, I don’t know. In any case, they’ve stopped and they’re now back to tingling at Reiki times.

I could use some advice on what I should do to tune in to seeing auras for real. I’m learning that it’s more than being out of focus and trying to tune in to the energy. Maybe this isn’t my ability to develop. But I don’t think I’m ready to give up. I just want to try other things that might work better. And, I keep consoling myself that I will be taking level III on Feb. 29 and so maybe that will help. I know it will have an effect, and I’m excited to find out in what ways it will strenghten and tune my senses to energy work.

Good thoughts.

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