As I’ve been venturing around the Internet, exploring different websites, message boards, and blogs relating to Reiki (note my growing Blogroll!), I’ve come upon many different types of people, and different views about what Reiki is and how it works.

And, I’ve received some interesting responses to some of my posts, as well as a very strange email. I’m going to share this email with you here. Please note, it’s not an endorsement.

I’m pasting the contents here:

Dear Friend: Thank you very much for having such monumental faith in God’s Love and Healing. Please, look up my website: In the upper left hand corner you’ll find my picture. Lock your eyes with mine for 3 to 4 minutes in order to receive a truly powerful Distant God’s Love Healing. I would also strongly recommend our new service: “The Healing Shield” program, which you can subscribe to. Please, spread the God’s Love Power through-out the world, tell at least 10 more people about my website and The God’s Love Healing will come back to you tenfold.Please, reply with your positive results. Thank you, Yours truly in God’s Love and light, Master and Healer, Walter Michael Wolf

I knew that I had not written to him first, and still, I was curious enough to click his link. Now, I’m asking you, friends, can healing and/or Reiki come through a website to whoever clicks on it and stares at it for a while? I decided to try for myself and see if I felt something.

I clicked, and stared. And, yes, I did feel something. Am I crazy? I was surprised to feel warmth, as in receiving Reiki, spread over my stomach, chest and head. My hands got warm. The music was kind of soothing. As I stared at the guy (he’s strangely looking over his shoulder, holding a hand on his chin as if contemplating something), his picture seemed to fuzz in and out of my focus. It was me – I coudn’t keep him in focus as I stared.

I had my 8 year-old daughter look at him. She said she felt tingles. She squirmed and giggled, and called him the Reiki guy. I had my nearly-4-year-old stare at him. I asked him how he felt. He said, “the guy is sending me Reiki.” I asked, “Where do you feel the Reiki?” He replied, “All over my body!” I’m shaking my head back and forth.

I keep asking myself, “Where are the boundaries between what is real and what is fanciful about Reiki and the various ways people are using it on the internet? Can Reiki really be received by looking at a picture on a web page, or a person sending Reiki watched on a DVD? In either case, the sender has no idea who the recipient is, or even when he/she is going to be watching. And, if one can receive Reiki by looking at a website, what need is there for Reiki practitioners to give distance treatments?”

See, Reiki has shaken up my belief systems in a very serious way. In the last 8 weeks, I’ve come to believe in energy I can’t see, because I’ve felt and experienced it working. I’ve had repeated testimonials from people I’ve sent Reiki to that they’ve felt it, been helped by it, would like to receive more, and learn more about it. I’ve even been able to send Reiki to someone without knowing the person’s full name. So now I’m wondering where the boundaries are. How much more is there, and what can I believe/ experience, (or experience and then believe – much more my style)?

I know I have lots more to learn, and I’ve ordered a Reiki book my RMT recommended, so I can try to get more educated. There will be more reading to follow, too, of course. This is ongoing.

I welcome comments. If you try the Reiki guy’s page, please tell me if you felt it too.

Peace & Happy New Year 2008.

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