I want to thank Susan, who commented on my post “The Aura of a Chair“, and suggested a visual energy exercise to try. She said to hold my index fingers together and then move them about a half and inch apart, and with relaxed gaze, look slightly above them for the aura of energy. I did, and it worked! Not only did I see a white hazy outline, but I also could see it connecting my fingers, and I saw a flicker of blue-green that was only visible for a second, but I feel sure it was there. I was very excited, and consider it an indication that I should keep believing that I can develop the color awareness of energy, and keep trying. (Her advice too!)

Along these lines, I am exploring the possibility of getting attuned to Chios Healing , which is an energy healing modality associated with developing and using color energy awareness to get information about where someone needs healing. The attunements and practice exercises (training manuals are free on their website), are designed to help the practitioner develop this visual sensitivity – exactly what I’ve been hoping for. Many Chios practitioners also use Reiki, and consider them close siblings. So I am looking into getting attuned to the second level, and I’ll post when things are decided about that. But last night’s exercise, and my meditation last night when I was doing a Reiki self-treatment, seemed to give me encouragement in this direction.

I would welcome any input from someone who has experience in Chios, and especially distance attunement and the training guide. Has it been effective for you? Did it help strengthen your Reiki practice, and if so, how? The Chios healing website seems extremely well-written, which appeals to me.

And, a challenge that I’m (maybe foolishly) undertaking:
One of my high school students, a very scientific and analytical, thoughtful young man, has listened with some skepticism to me talk about Reiki a few times in class. He wants to experience it for himself, and do some kind of experiment involving getting Reiki, and then having me send him Reiki again at an unspecified later date during the week, to see if he can tell when he is receiving the energy. We scheduled the first part of this for tonight at 10. Will he feel anything? The answer to that is as individual as the individual himself. There is no way to predict – it all is a factor of his sensitivity to energy, and whether he can overcome his skepticism enough to be open to do the experiment objectively. He’s pretty mature overall, so I guess we will see. He promised to email me feedback later tonight or tomorrow. I know I’ll be wondering until I hear from him. I think it’s as much an experiment for him as it is for me, though I don’t need validation or proof that Reiki is real. For me it’s more of an experiment on how Reiki is perceived by a skeptical person trying to objectively determine its validity, with me as the sender. Now, that’s a challenge.

I’m always learning from Reiki.

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