First, an update, as I have received the distance Ketsueki-Kokan treatment that I described in my most recent blog entry. (I promised that I would update afterward.)

On Thursday night, at the appointed time, I knew that the treatment would happen in a one hour window, so for that whole hour I relaxed in bed, my hands in Gassho position (that means with middle fingertips touching, hands held at the heart level), as tuned-in and receptive to energy as I could possibly be. I did feel some “energetic activity” going on during the first and last quarters of the hour. Whether some of that was due to my sense of expectation, and tuning-in, well, it’s highly likely. I don’t know if the treatment happened during either time, or in between. I have now received feedback from Peter, who sent the treatment. His feedback was interesting, saying that I had responded well to his attempts to balance my energy, and that he noticed that I had higher levels of energy at my root and crown chakras, and also in the feeling, rather than “doing” side of my yin/yang energy. Interesting, though I can’t say that I understand it too much. Still, I’m determined to make the most of my “cleared” state, and do what I can to develop my sensitivity to energy, both sensory and visual. I don’t know how long it will last, and neither do I feel very “different” at the moment.

I will say that I think that Reiki has helped me stay calm when I would otherwise feel angry or upset as reactions to things that happen during my day. I also sent Reiki to a “wish” for more creative writing work to be offered to me, and the next morning, out of the blue, I was asked in an email to write two one-woman skits. Nice.

Also, I mentioned in a previous post that I’m interested in learning more about Theta Healing. I have the book about it and last night, I spent some time reading and even tried a bit of it. The things that I find problematic about it are: it is said that the practitioner is REQUIRED to believe in God. The author says that repeatedly. I’m a person who has wrestled with that concept, at least until I started channeling Reiki. I feel the Reiki energy going through me to another person, and that is the closest I’ve felt to a Source outside myself. It’s a very spiritual kind of energy. So, I tried to use that as my basis.

Next, the process involves visualizing yourself traveling in a ball of energy up through your crown chakra, up into space, and passing 6 levels of energy, white, dark, globulous, pink, and ending up in the 7th level with God. Then, you command (yes, command – another difficulty for me because it seems so presumptuous to command the Creator of Everything…) God to heal (someone) of their (problem). Then you say thank you, and repeat “it is done” three times, to solidify that this is a done deal. You are then supposed to “go into” the person’s body with your visualization, and “witness” the healing taking place (visualize again). Cool idea, but very detailed. She has many testimonials and anecdotes that are very impressive. This can also be done via distance, which of course, appeals to me especially because I am very involved in distance Reiki right now.

The hard part for me, and I’m a creative, imaginative person by nature, is all this visualization. I just couldn’t seem to picture all those etherial levels, and the rest. Plus, the commanding part was rather strong for me. Still, I’m adventuresome and want to learn. So I attempted to heal a kind of chronic eye virus or infection that I’ve been having which is a little uncomfortable. I tried, rather unsuccessfully, to visualize, command, and visualize, all that I was directed to do. I do think that I felt some relief in my eyes afterward, though I followed-up by applying Reiki to my eyes. But the slight discomfort symptoms returned, maybe less though – by the morning. I emailed Vianna to ask for advice. (I have chutzpa, I know, to email the source of this method, but why not? I’ll let you know if she replies.) I want to take this seriously and really find a way for this kind of healing to compliment my Reiki practice. By the way, I do find it interesting that one need not be “attuned” in order to do Theta Healing, nor is it required to take a class with Vianna, the coiner of the process, though many do. Just reading her book and practicing her methods are said to be enough.

Enough for me? Not sure yet….gotta learn more.


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