This is an update from last night’s post….

Last night I gave my husband a Reiki I attunement. I was hesitant to talk too much about it to him because I think he wasn’t interested in a lot of directions yet. So I told him how to call the Reiki energy to his hands when he wants to channel Reiki. I gave him my Reiki I and II manual, “The Reiki Touch” by William Rand. He didn’t open it. I saw him try calling the Reiki into his hands when we were settling into bed, but I didn’t say anything.

This morning I asked him if he tried it, and he said he did, and his hands got a bit warm and tingly though he didn’t know where to put them, and he just put them on his stomach. I said that was a fine place to put them. Then I showed him the places in the book that give examples of hand positions for Reiki self-treatment. He asked me if you have to focus the whole time on the Reiki flowing, and I said not really, that you set your intention for the Reiki to flow, and if you want to intend that it go to a purpose or specific place, you intend that too, then you kind of get your mind out of the way and let it flow. He said he thought you had to be very focused the whole time, and I said that in my experience Reiki doesn’t need that in order to work. I showed him the book again, and he said he’s going to look at it. His interest really thrilled me, as he has not been too interested in Reiki, and gets a little tired of me talking about it. I really love him for deciding to be open enough to let me attune him so he can try Reiki for himself. It took a lot of trust and love, and loosening up some long-ingrained beliefs. So this is VERY encouraging! Also, it’s a bit of a relief, because I know that the attunement I gave him worked. (I didn’t think it wouldn’t work, but knowing that it did still feels great!)


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