Last night I read Jane Struthers’ Working With Auras: Your Complete Guide to Health and Wellbeing from cover to cover. It is full of photographs and excellent examples, and is very easy to follow and inspirational. I’m making some progress in terms of training myself to see auras, because I can, when I try, catch the first bright white-blue layer around my head and hands. It flickers, and stops when I look directly, but I can do it more consistently now. I find that I have to be quire relaxed.

I also learned that objects (like chairs even!) have auras, which made me feel better after the first time when I thought I was seeing an illusion or a fuzzy out of focus outline that really was just my eyes and not real. It was there after all, what do you know?

I am hoping for the next step, seeing colors, to develop, and I’m also being patient. It’s encouraging that I’ve come this far, and the book really inspired me to keep trying.

When it feels right and things line up (including money – yes one needs to be practical), I will move forward with studying and getting attuned to Chios Healing, and this helps to develop the ability to see the energy colors more clearly. I read the first manual (available free online at and it is very complementary to Reiki, as is working with auras. I’m excited about this.

I do think I’m still adjusting (and may be for a while!) to the new Master level of Reiki, with some strange buzzing and vibrations going through me from time to time the last couple of days, so I’m taking my time, doing self treatments, and continuing to send Reiki as usual, to keep the energy flowing through me.


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