Thanks to my blog, people from places all over the world contact me asking for distance Reiki. Sometimes it’s out of curiosity, sometimes out of need, and I always try to oblige. I enjoy helping, and turning people on to Reiki.

Weirdly, this last week, I’ve had two separate requests for distance Reiki from Singapore, which is across the world from here. Weird, because, consider the odds of that… And I really love that Reiki goes wherever it’s sent, irrespective of distance or time. Like making a call on a cell phone, but better!

Also, of course, I seem to be compelled to talk about Reiki at every opportunity. And last night I had the chance to give a little 3-minute sample treatment to an adult at the school where I teach. She loved it and asked for more, and for convenience sake, we decided I would send her a distance Reiki treatment on Sunday night. I had to come up with a fee – this was a professional request! – and I said $20 for 30 minutes. Distance Reiki treatments are shorter than in-person ones. She said that cost was more than reasonable, and so okay, we’re on!

I have the feeling that eventually I will be purchasing a Reiki table (massage table – same thing I think but no hole at the head part) and I’ve been thinking of getting some of those pretty Japanese screens and setting up a Reiki space in my basement (it’s carpeted and finished, but would need some rearranging to do this). But there’s plenty of time for all this, I just imagine it over the horizon, like maybe by the late summer or fall.

Tomorrow morning I’m going to do some volunteer Reiki at the Sophia Wellness Center at Ursuline College where I took my Reiki Master class last weekend. People come there for free Reiki treatments during the Reiki clinic hours, and volunteer Reiki healers give Reiki treaments to them. I’m happy for the chance to get more hands-on experience with Reiki and hope to be able to round out my experiences. I think that hands-on Reiki will also give me different energetic experiences than distance Reiki, and could help in my own energy healing growth as well.

Love & Light

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