Okay. I’ve decided to follow my teacher and Reiki friends’ advice and stop trying so hard. I’m also going to stop trying not to try. I’m just going to follow my intuition, whatever it is telling me or not telling me, and practice.

I did a Chios healing on my mom on Sunday, and she gave me great feedback. She is very sensitive to energy, and I attempted to use techniques for removing blockages and sealing tears in her aura. I didn’t see things, but I felt different sensations in my hands than I do with Reiki, and I think I may be detecting subtle differences, which are giving me information about what needs to be treated. It’s subtle – very subtle. But, it is there. My mom felt like icy cold water was running down her when I was scanning her aura, and it made her break out in goosebumps! When I put my hands directly on her, they were very warm, and it helped her warm up. Strange! My Chios teacher referred me to another person who took Chios from her and is also “tactile” as I am (from Reiki). She told me that the cold sensation could mean that I was channeling a blue color energy, and next time I should intend the energy to be a warmer red or orange color. I hadn’t intentionally been thinking of a color, but it could’ve happened that way.

I also did a distance Reiki sending last night, and I also called the Chios energy in the middle of it, and used some Chios techniques for removing blockages in my recipient’s aura, and sending some color into his chakras, to charge them. I think it was a good sending. I should be getting some feedback this morning at some point.

I’m open to trying this more, so if anyone wants to request distance Reiki, with a little Chios thrown in, let me know! I’m pretty available, and would like the opportunity to practice working with the energy.

I’m feeling more positive about Chios than I was in my last post.

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