We’re still surrounded by mounds of snow here, but seem to have dug enough pathways to get to and from where we need to go, so that’s progress for you.

Meanwhile, I want to report that I had a great meeting last night with a really wonderful Reiki person. We are exploring the possibilities of working together to promote Reiki. He has access to studio space in a pilates/yoga studio near my home, and we spent a good hour and a half sharing our Reiki experiences and ideas. My hands were tingling often while we talked, and I think we both felt very positive about the possibilities.

My first book on my reading list was ready at the library and I picked up Anatomy of the Spirit by Caroline Myss. She is a Medical Intuitive, and I started reading her book last night. She posits that physical ailments in the body are a result of our negative thoughts, emotions, and experiences that build up and cause the conditions. She can intuit health problems developing often before a person knows they are there. She can also channel the underlying cause of the problem. She can do all of this by just hearing the person’s name and age. Remarkable. But, not impossible or shocking to my way of thinking at this point in my experiences, because I can connect with an individual’s energy to send him or her Reiki simply by having that person’s name and age or location. I can also sometimes tell where a person needs extra energy through a similar (but significantly less develped!) intuition.

I find this reading fascinating, and will eagerly continue to explore her ideas. I have some kind of strange sciatica-type thing happening lately that may be a pinched nerve of some kind. I’m hoping to find the cause and help it heal through Reiki and energy work. It’s not painful, just a kind of “buzzing” feeling that feels as if my cell phone is on vibrate and is ringing throughout the day, especially after I go up or down stairs. Maybe working with Reiki, and attempting to incorporate what I’ll learn from Caroline Myss’ book will help me resove this. For me it’s not an issue of will that work, but just will I be able to get in touch with that level of intuition that will guide me in dealing with this.

I feel that the strength of the Reiki I’m able to channel has increased significantly since taking the Master level class a week and a half ago. Hard to believe that much time has passed already. I’m encouraged by this development, and intend to continue to work with the energy and see where it will lead. My meeting last night felt like it could lead to good opportunities with Reiki, and I’m excited to see what will develop.

And, I’ve been thinking lately about people who don’t believe in Reiki. Here’s my take on it:
I think people who doubt Reiki’s validity are ignorant about Reiki, because it seems on the surface to be impossible, magical even, that a person could just hold out their hands, think of a person’s name anywhere in the world, even if they’ve never met them, and send healing energy to that person that is tangibly felt by that person. It sounds close to just saying prayers for a person’s healing, or on the other side, like saying magic words and sending a magic spell to a person. Saying prayers or “magic words” don’t seem like they’d be enough to do anything. I mean, how many of us can affect our physical world by willing it? Can you close the door by saying “door, close”? Well I can’t. So how can someone say, in his or her mind, “I want to send healing to Joe Shmegeggi in Boston” and Joe receives healing? I get it – the idea of Reiki being real messes with people’s take on reality.

And hands-on Reiki has the same kind of innuendos. So we Reiki people expect the people we are telling about Reiki to put aside this ingrained idea of what is real and what is magic first, in order to be open to trying Reiki without skoffing, snickering, or feeling like a bozo. Not to mention that it’s scary to let go of one’s version of reality enough to be open to accept the possibilities of being touched by a kind of spiritual energy.

If a person is able to put aside all the ingrained cultural mumbo jumbo and get beyond it, he or she would have a better chance of really being helped by Reiki, or even being open to learning to channel it for him or herself. For some people, that’s asking a lot.

But it worked for me. I was just like everybody else who grew up without much of a spiritual connection. I’m not clairvoyant or especially intuitive by nature. I’m pretty down to earth and realistic usually. All of this growth the past few months has been a result of deciding that I would be open to trying and seeing what would happen.

And now my husband has joined me here. (Actually, I think he is even more sensitive to energy that I was at the Reiki I level, because his hands tingle when he thinks about Reiki. My hands didn’t tingle until I was attuned to Reiki II). All it took was him deciding to let his mind be open just enough to give it a try.

If I can do it, others can too.

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