In thinking of how I can help bring Reiki to others, and share my wonderful experiences with Reiki, I’ve found a way – a great way – to do this.

I know that I’m strong and comfortable with distance energy healing (Reiki and Chios, currently). I have lots of experience, am a volunteer with the Distance Healing Network, (DHN) and get extremely positive feedback from those to whom I send energy. I do this nightly, and several times a day as well. I am going to offer a tutorial,with mentoring, in an online workshop, and detailed, personal feedback to anyone who would like to learn or strengthen their own distance healing abilities. I will charge a fee for this service, but I am confident that I could help increase one’s confidence, awareness, intuition, and give excellent support.

The distance healing tutorial will be structured in three sessions. It will be done via email, and I will have a practice plan and how-to guide, personal mentoring and feedback. One distance session from me with feedback, and feedback on a distance session from the student will be included.

The only prerequisite would be that a person is Reiki 2 or above. (A person who is not Reiki 2 but wishes to send distance healing could also learn to do this, but an attunement would make it SO much easier.) If you are Reiki 1 and want an Reiki 2 attunement, I could do a distance Reiki 2 attunement and course for you as well, but that would be separate from this—but still good!! I would be happy to include the distance tutorial with the Reiki 2 course. If you’re interested in this option, please email me.

I think of Reiki 2 and distance healing like this: a person who wants to pound a nail into a board could use a spoon to do it. But Reiki 2 gives you a hammer – the right tool for the job. The distance symbol=the hammer in my analogy here. See what I mean?

The cost will be $75 for the 3-session tutorial, with a guidebook, practice exercises, mentoring and feedback on two distance healings (one from me, one from the student). I will also be available by email afterward indefinately for any reason.

The course will be offered starting April 13, when I have the guide finished and curriculum ready. The program, due to its one-on-one setup, will be specifically adjusted for the particular level and what the student wants to work on.

Please email me with questions, or to enroll in the program and strengthen your distance Reiki skills, comfort level, and experience in a supportive environment.


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