Yesterday I was sending distance Reiki while my 18 month old daughter, Arin, was watching a video of our family vacation on the computer nearby. The wall behind the computer is painted white. While the energy was flowing, I was gazing at her. She was engrossed in the video, naming everyone as their picture scrolled across the screen. I watched her profile with the white wall behind her.

My eyes were soft-focused and relaxed, and then I saw Arin’s aura – in color! I only saw the first layer, but a fuzzy cloud of royal blue encircled her profile, and there was no doubt about it! It wasn’t faint, or doubtable – it was there, and I saw it! When she turned to look at me, it disappeared as I focused on her face. But when she turned and looked back at the computer, I could see it again. It’s the first time I’ve really seen an auric layer in color. Blue makes sense too, as she is very expressive and verbal.

Yesterday afternoon I tried to see my middle daughter and son’s auras as they sat in the same spot at the computer, but I couldn’t get the same results. I tried again last night after the kids were in bed, this time trying to see my husband, Evan’s aura as he did yoga while I was sending Reiki. I could get the first etheric layer, but it was colorless or a very light shade of yellow…nothing like the brightness I saw around Arin.

I was hoping that once I saw Arin’s aura it meant I now have the ability to tune in whenever I try. But it seems as if it’s the beginning of the process, and I have to keep up with the practice to have any consistency with it.

Still….it’s nice progress and I’m grateful for the new discoveries in my intuitive development.


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