Today I sent distance Reiki, and while I was sending, I used some Chios techniques for charging a couple of chakras with color, sealing some small tears, and during scanning. At times, I had one hand doing chios while the other channeled Reiki to the area. I also used Chios at the end to channel light through the aura to charge it with energy and remove lingering impurities. I found it very effective. I also noticed that when I scanned, I could see colors behind my eyes, and understood that these were dominant colors of the recipient’s aura. I am happy to be learning ways to integrate the Chios I’m studying with the Reiki during a sending to make the sending that much more effective.

By the way, the feedback I received indicated that the recipient received the energy, and also had visions of light and color too.

I continue to work with seeing auras and experimenting with channeling the energy in different ways, such as assigning one modality to one hand and the other to the opposite hand.

And, there was a new kind of tingle in my hand today during the sending. It felt like a sprinkle of cold water. I wasn’t totally sure what the information meant, but I think I’ll come to understand it the more I send energy.


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