I have a friend who is also taking the Chios course with my teacher. To strengthen our practice with the Chios energy, we have arranged to send each other Chios healing weekly, and provide recipient and sender feedback after each sending. It’s been very helpful.

My friend is more intuitive than I at this point, and since she is already sensitive to visual energy, Chios fits her well. For me, it’s a slow growth process. I still feel the energy with my hands, which are very sensitive. But I’ve found that I can still channel color and light by intending that color to come through the energy I’m sending. My friend’s feedback indicates that she received the energy in the colors I intended as I sent them. Pretty cool.

Last night I tried a couple of new things. First, I did not use the Reiki distance symbol that I have used to intitiate all of my distance sendings before. I just mentally expressed the intent to send the Chios to her, called in the energy and started. It worked. I did not doubt that it would work, but it’s the first time I’ve ever done a distance sending, whether Reiki or Chios, without first drawing the Reiki distance symbol.

The other thing I tried is at the end of the sending, I did a violet flame visualization, imagining a violet flame moving from crown to root, sending pure energy through her aura, and cleaning out any leftover impurities or blockages. My friend sent feedback before I had completed typing mine to her, and she said she felt a “cool breeze” wash over her aura and sensed that I was finishing.

So this experience really brought home to me the strength of intent in energy healing. Through intention, I sent the energy to the person I intended, and to each body part that I sent it, in the color that was most beneficial, and the violet flame clearing technique also worked as a result of my intent.

Just think what else intent can do.

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