I’m learning that energy intuition develops in a wave-like pattern. What I mean is that development increases – stronger energetic sensations when channeling Reiki, easier auric sight response, and feeling “connected” – seem to be followed by a pause of sorts, like when the wave subsides after the crest. There is a period of feeling not as connected as last week, sort of a quiet period, that follows, and then it will start again after this sort of resting.

I seem to be in the resting part now. Not being the patient type I’m having a hard time waiting for the next “intuitive wave of development” to happen. But what’s my choice? I just keep on working with the energy and it’ll get here. I’ll be ready and waiting.

Since my last post (sorry for the lul), work has been very busy!! That’s a happy problem, but it’s kept me from devoting the time I’d like to keeping my blog updated. Sorry. I’ll try to do better.

I’m also happy that I’ve met some wonderful people through this blog and I’d like to shout out an appreciative thanks to all of them. This includes my 11 attunees to Kundalini Reiki, and the way they’ve helped to increase my confidence level and understanding of Kundalini Reiki attunements and practice. I found that I have the ability to guide people through the process, and their growth and powerful experiences with the Kundalini Reiki energy have been both validating and a source of joy for me.

I was impressed with reading a book by Steven Murray called Reiki False Beliefs Exposed for All which I agreed with on every page. It is definately a must-read for Reiki practitioners of all modalities.

My dad is having surgery on Wednesday and I’ve been attuning my mom to KR in preparation for helping to care for him during his recovery. I hope his recovery is helped by some Reiki energy, and I feel confident that it will be. He isn’t the type to take waiting to recover very patiently. (Hmm – doesn’t that sound familiar?)

I’ll write about the end of my energy resting period soon…I hope!

Meanwhile, I have two students beginning my Distance Reiki Tutorial on Thursday and I welcome more who are interested at any time! I think this is going to be a wonderful program and I am excited about its beginnings.

I’m also accepting orders for Kundalini Reiki attunements. I will be posting testimonials soon and really getting my Reiki website underway officially soon. For now, I’m doing it all here!

Questions and comments are always welcome.

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