I’m most excited to offer my Distance Healing Guidebook! I wrote this 17 page ebook. It’s in pdf format, and it contains information about distance healing, techniques, resources, and lots of information about channeling Reiki and other healing energy modalities across time, distance, and for many uses. I wrote about my experiences and I think it’s very useful for anyone using or interested in learning about distance healing.

Here are the contents:

What distance healing is and isnt….p. 3

What a practitioner and recipient might feel during distance healing…p.4

Ways to strengthen distance healing practice…p.5

Important notes on distance healing…p.7

Techniques for distance healing…p.11

Volunteer organizations looking for distance healers…p.14

Other uses for distance healing…p.15

Recommended resources…p.16

The 17 page ebook is available now for $10. Just click on the paypal button below and I’ll email it to you immediately upon ordering. Please let me know how you like it by posting a comment or send me an email!

Distance Healing Guidebook

pdf ebook

Peace, Love & Happiness.

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