Lots has happened in the last week or so. Progress is being made on the collaborative website that I’m creating with amazing people! We’re getting articles together, working on format, planning out our roles, gathering affiliate links that make sense, and working together to plan combo offerings for healings, readings and attunements. Also, the group is getting to know each other by sharing information and energy with each other and it’s a beautiful thing. Hopefully, there will be a launch soon, but it’s a big process right now.

I recently purchased the domain reikiawakening.com and I’m excited about setting it up to be the place where my healing, attunement, tutorial, and channeled readings can be ordered, and this blog will be just what it is – my blog. So stay tuned. The change should be seamless when it happens.

I had a healing last week from one of the people I’m working on the new collaborative website with, Ken Stone. He is a natural ability healer – he has no formal healing training or attunements, but the session with Ken was amazing and powerful. Ken is also a most gracious and caring person besides an amazing healer. But the reason I’m mentioning this energy healing experience is that it changed me. Ken balanced my chakras, cleared my energy, and “tuned” everything. I felt fantastic – buzzing with energy, simply glowing. And then the buzzing became a kind of intense anxiety – a longing for something that I couldn’t define. I was worried about it the next day and let Ken know. We talked again the day after that to try to sort it out. Ken noticed I was ungrounded. My energy was swirling up around my head. So we worked on grounding, pulling it back down to my feet, where it should be. But it kept happening, even a few minutes after repeating the grounding procedure.

We talked about the idea of surrendering to the flow of things and not getting anxious about the process. He walked me through a guided meditation. I imagined being in a pool, floating, a nice summer day, nowhere I had to be. It was good. Surrender is hard for me because I’m very directed and know what I want to happen, yet I’m impatient. Surrendering involves letting go of the when and trusting it will happen. In fact, you have to even be grateful for knowing that you will receive what you want, and that part takes lots of trust. So that was good for my meditation practice. But the anxiety continued.

The only time I haven’t been feeling anxious is during any energy work or meditation. So I’ve been seeking energy experiences by offering free Reiki in the evening to people on Twitter, letting the energy flow to a dozen people in 30 minutes time. (They all felt it.) And I’ve been doing attunements as scheduled, really glad for each opportunity to connect with energy. Plus, I’ve been meditating. Anything I can do to stay connected at regular intervals with the flow of the energy. It’s become a driving need, and rather alarming.

With the help of my intuitive friends Cher and Connie, we figured out what’s happening with me. I’m going through an ascension. My guidance said (through Cher’s channeled connection) that my true calling is to be a healer and a teacher. That’s the pull I’m feeling. It’s the recognition of myself as a light being and a longing to return to being connected to the spiritual energy source. My body feels anxiety when my soul is struggling to go upward. So that’s why this is happening to me. (It’s nothing I would have pictured two years ago ever happening to me, or even two weeks ago for that matter). I need to be doing more energy work. I am in a new process of awakening. Connie tells me to hang on for another week to get through it. My body needs to adjust to this new vibration in my energy and the anxiety will subside and I’ll have a higher level of awareness, vision and strength in the energy work I’m doing. I’m excited, in awe, inspired, and on some level validated that the work I’ve been involved with has been for a reason. I’ve been spiritually guided. Like Reiki. But this time, it’s been guiding me.

I’m putting a “donate” button on here for Reiki healings. Those who would like Reiki, whether to experience it for the first time, or for any of its many multi-dimensional benefits, please email me, and when it’s over, stop back here to give something back. Whatever you decide is fine. I won’t turn people away. I also accept trades. Please begin with an email requesting Reiki healing. I always respond quickly to requests.

Reiki Healing

Attunements are available for you to learn to channel Reiki energy and increase your own intuitive connection. I would consider it a blessing to help you find your own connection to Reiki or angels. The angel attunements really help you know you’re not alone. They’re powerful. Reiki attunements can give you instant access to the unlimited potential of Reiki energy. I’m here to guide you and assist in any way you need. Attunement information is in the right side column.


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