This week, I have had several amazing experiences collaborating with two of my very close friends and gifted healers, Cher and Tom. It started when I received a request for healing that seemed to be complicated and I asked them for advice while we were chatting. We ended up working on this person together, combining our strengths and affecting a very powerful healing and clearing. We felt really great about it afterward, and the recipient did too.

Interestingly enough, three more people emailed me during the week, and for various reasons, these also were cases that could benefit from a team of healers rather than one alone. We did end up collaborating in real time to give healing to these people. Our strengths are different, and combined we can validate each other’s intuitive senses and support each other in many ways. Cher is able to channel the person’s guidance clearly, Tom is able to see blockages and entities, and I feel them via sensations in my hands. Working together, we find and remove blockages, etheric cords, and entities, seal the aura, and fill the recipient’s energy with light and healing energy. Cher receives guidance which helps us, and we pass the message to the recipient for his or her better understanding. Since we are at various distances in physical space, we collaborate in real time using chat and talk features on the computer. The results have all been very positive.

I have been inspired and feel so grateful for discovering this dimension to the possibilities for affecting a powerful energy healing. Collaborating is an amazing experience.

If you have an issue that could benefit from an intensive clearing, healing, and guidance, please email me. Tom, Cher and I are here to help.

In other news…
I’m working on my ReikiAwakening website and expect to launch by next week. Stay tuned!

Peace and light.

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