I’m excited to announce the launch of ReikiAwakening.com ! This is a very good thing for both the blog and the website of Reiki Awakening. Here’s why:

  • the blog was getting to be too many things, with all of the attunements and products along the right column and integrated in posts, and the blog posts over here.
  • It was disorganized, and it was obvious that I needed to be able to provide more information on what Reiki is, what attunements are, and the different things I offer in an easily navigational way.
  • the blog is designed to be a journal and doesn’t flow as well as a website.

So it is better now! This blog can be my journal of my experiences with Reiki, and will continue to do so, and the website will be where users can find more information about Reiki, learn about and order different attunements, programs, and products such as tachyon stones and the e-book. I even have Reiki Awakening t-shirts and an awesome tote bag! Come check it out! I invite you to come back here and leave a comment letting me know how you like it.

You, readers, have been integral in the process, and it’s wonderful to have the connections and feedback from you as I’ve been working with Reiki and developing my Reiki practice.

Other great announcements!

  • I have two new attunements to offer! Light of Forgiveness and Intuition Reiki. Both available now on the website.

Light of Forgiveness is a beautiful energy that helps you forgive and let go of anything you have been holding in your energy, from annoyances to serious anger.

Intuition Reiki helps you tune in to your intuition through your third eye chakra and teaches you ways to increase your connection with your guidance and Higher Self.

  • I launched the Reiki for Parents Course, which I’ve been wanting to offer. This is a mentoring program designed especially for parents, including Reiki attunements and exercises and close guidance on using Reiki for empowering parents. As parents, Reiki provides great techniques for soothing, calming and healing our children and also for de-stressing ourselves from the hard work of being a parent! Sound good? Check it out at the ReikiAwakening.com website!
  • I will be sending out a newsletter periodically with exclusive specials on attunements, new information, and more. I would love to do something to reward people for being with me and being a part of the new ReikiAwakening.com. The newsletter gives me that opportunity! Sign up at the bottom of the ReikiAwakening.com home page. Your email will only be used for the newsletter if you want to receive it. I would never, ever share your information.
  • I have been asked to be a guest on an Internet radio show with ReclaimU.com Radio! What an honor! More to follow on when exactly, although I believe it will air at the end of May. I’ll have a copy to post on the website!
  • I was featured this week in Nutrabeautiful.com! Click here to see the interview! (March 28 issue).
  • My new website has already had over 200 hits since yesterday afternoon and it’s getting nice attention and praise! I feel supported by the Universe, blessed, and so very positive and excited about all of this.

Thank you for being a part of my journey! I would love to hear your comments on the new website, and suggestions about things you might like to see there!


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