I’ve been blessed this week, and lately by mentions in some very well written blog posts and I thought I would share them here all together. I’ve also had some wonderful opportunities to talk about Reiki on two internet radio shows, and I’d like to share that with you as well.

The reason I’m posting about this is because it is such a joy for me to be able to share what I’ve learned about Reiki with more and more people, and see the way many of those who have learned from me are going on to share it with others. Making a difference feels amazing! Thank you to all who have gone on to share healing and light – you make a difference and bless the world.

Here are the blog posts I would like to share with you. Each one is an honor, and I am humbled and grateful for the mentions.

All About the Energy with Frank Dickinson
Frank is a student and colleague of mine who has learned Kundalini Reiki and openly shares his experiences in his blog. He is starting a website to offer healings and attunements, and his sincere love of Reiki, insight and gratitude shine forth from his blog in down to earth ways.

Manifest Tips with Georgia Stewart
Georgia’s most inspiring blog is a platform for her experiences with manifesting and energy work. She teaches the Law of Attraction and exemplifies it in her life. In this week’s update, Georgia talks about her experiences with Kundalini Reiki attunements, and the benefits she has noted already through working with the energy.

Sophie Lhoste Healing
Sophie is a Quantum healer with extraordinary abilities to help you release blocks and past issues that are affecting your energy. She empowers people to move ahead, and is an amazing healer and loving, shining light as a person. Her blog is very insightful and contains helpful information. I encourage everyone to get to know Sophie. I’m very touched by Sophie’s mention of me this week.

Empowered and Fit with Fred Krazeise
Fred is a Nationally Certified Massage Therapist, Intrinsic Coach, and Reiki Master (Usui), studying Jin Shin Tara and focusing on women’s health and shock-trauma recovery. His blog has excellent articles on health, healing and wellness. Fred is a caring person and a powerful healer. In this post, he talks about a compliment he gave me that simply made my day. Thank you Fred. You remind us how easy it is to make a difference by the way you live your life.

On the Radio….

I’ve never been interviewed on the radio about anything, until now! I’m so honored to have been asked to be a guest on these shows to speak about Reiki! One is already live, and the second is going to be live on June 3rd! Take a look, and have a listen if you like! I mentioned this in my newsletter, but felt it was exciting enough to share in this post as well! 🙂

This week, I’m happy to share that I was interviewed on Internet Radio ReclaimU about Reiki. It was a great experience! I had the opportunity to talk about what I think Reiki is, how I came to Reiki, ways it changed my life, how distance healings and attunements work, and more! Click here to hear it! After Tuesday, it will be permanently posted on the Reiki Awakening website and in the ReclaimU archives.

And there’s more!
On June 3 at 5pm EST, I will be interviewed by Betsy Balega on her Psychic BlogTalk Radio show! This will be an hour long show with call-in questions! I’m honored to have been offered the opportunity and I hope you will tune in either during (give me a call on the show!) or afterward to hear it. Click here for the link to the show. Here’s more information about Betsy’s show:

Previous guests have included, Joan Anderson, the #1 NY Times Best Selling author on Angels, Rick Tyler, Spokesperson and Communications Director, for Newt Gingrich, Dr. Lorraine Day, Trauma Surgeon and cancer survivor, as well as former Counter Intel Agent, Dave DeBatto. Pulitzer Prize winner and author, William Dietrich, Noah Levy, Senior Reporter, for In-Touch Weekly Magazine. Actor/Producer, Stanley Livingston (My Three Sons), Roger Rapoport, author of Citizen Moore, HGTV host of Fun Shui, Stephanie McWilliams and Como’s Bedside Astrologer, Hazel Dixon-Cooper. John Lennon‘s gf, May Pang, was my guest, November 15th, Sue Ellen Dickinson, author of No More MS. Redbook Astrologer, and iVillage contributer, Ellen Whitehurst, May 26th.

The show is an hour long, originating in NYC, and broadcast around the world.

This blog post has been a chance for me to share the gratitude I feel for being mentioned, and for having the capacity to make a difference. We all have the ability to make a difference, to improve someone’s life by our actions, both great and small. We are all capable of being healers. Consider learning Reiki. You will be amazed at the ways you can help yourself and others that you never knew were there. This is what happened to me, and now I’m blessed to share it with you. Those attuned can go on to attune others.

Many candles can be lit from one candle without diminishing it. ~The Zohar


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