Last weekend, my hubby and our 7 and 5 year olds and I went camping at the Starwood Festival. We stayed in a tent, sleeping on the ground in sleeping bags, camping rustic w/ no electricity. I had been invited to teach Distance Healing and Reiki for Parents, which I felt very honored about. The Starwood Festival is a Neo-Pagan clothing-optional festival which was a two hour drive from here. I had never heard of it before being invited, but spent some time on their website learning about it before we went. Needless to say, it was an experience.

Although we knew the clothing optional aspect, nothing quite prepares you for the reality until you see folks taking advantage of the optional aspect. We gave the kids a hasty lecture not to point and stare, and told them that after the festival, these same people were going home to put on clothes and go to work again.

As far as my classes went, well, one was scheduled at the same time as the ironic Church of the Subgenius lecture, so that meant that two people came while the rest of everyone went to that other event. Two interested people, yes, but not as many as I had anticipated (and prepared materials for). My second course had one participant. She, too, was interested in what I had to share, but I had hoped that more would’ve shown up. The weather was wet, rainy, and very muddy. I think that may have affected the turnout. So professionally speaking, it wasn’t what I had anticipated.

There was a great set of concerts at night, though! Alex Bevan played, followed by the amazing Raquy and the Cavemen. We stayed until the kids begged us to put them to bed. Then we huddled in our sleeping bags while the all-night drumming went on just down the road from our tent. While drumming is cool, there was not a lot of sleep to be had that night.

We did enjoy hanging out and talking with other …clothed…people during a potluck meal time, and over breakfast. The kids also had a blast, just being in a new environment.

We also came home a day early because huge thunderstorms with hail were being predicted and we didn’t want to deal with the weather and more mud. It was a good call. We drove through three thunderstorms on the way home.

So how was it? As far as family experiences and getaway adventures go, pretty great. As far as professional contacts and teaching goes…less so. But the most telling part about the success of the weekend was when my husband said yesterday, “You know, if we go again next year, I could teach Morning Yoga.”

So there ya go.

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