After a couple very slow weeks, things have started happening. I’m happy to welcome some new students – Kundalini Reiki students and Energy Healing Mentoring Program students. I also did some searching for places to teach Reiki in my local area and came up with a few possibilities, which I pursued. There have been some promising results!

I did a search for “holistic” in my area. Why I didn’t think to do that before is anyone’s guess. I found a wellness center that was hosting a holistic day camp. “How cool!” I thought. I called the contact number and left a message saying that I am looking for opportunities to teach Reiki for Parents and other Reiki courses and would like to talk about collaborating. Someone called me back right away (on Friday), and offered me the chance to teach Reiki for Kids at the holistic day camp which was coming up the following week. Great timing! I followed up with the appropriate people and found myself attuning 10 kids to Usui Reiki level 1 on Tuesday morning. I created the class for the kids, taught it, and attuned each child in turn. It was really wonderful. I will be going back on Friday to teach some more and attune the kids to level 2. I met with some of the parents and they signed up indicating their interest in Reiki for Parents, so there may be a chance to teach a class after camp is over, and have some ongoing teaching opportunities with that particular center. It’s a nice facility with good energy. They do lots of work with families, kids and teens, and this could be an excellent place for me to teach.

I also called another wellness center, which looked promising. I received a call back from them too, asking if I would like to apply to be one of their team. Today I went for an interview and applied. It looks like a great place to work and I could have lots of opportunities there to teach a variety of Reiki courses, including Distance Healing. The person I met with has many contacts and could help promote and bring people in for courses I would offer. The place is beautiful, situated overlooking a little running creek, and every room is inviting and warm. She was interested in my course materials, which I brought to show her, and is going to present my application to the Trustees. It is a nonprofit organization for Metaphysical study and exploration. It will be a week, at least, until I hear from them, but I feel pretty good about it.

Then, I spoke with the Program Director at the JCC here, who expressed interest in Reiki for Parents, and I sent her a course description. She is now on vacation.

So now I wait to see what will blossom from these efforts. I hope they all will become opportunities to teach and show people how amazing Reiki can be as a part of every day life. There is an element of quieting and believing that what is meant to work out will – since at this point much is out of my control. I put all of these things out there, and now I wait to see what will happen. This is the part where “letting go” is important, and having patience.

I thank the Universe for the opportunity to practice letting go and having patience. Many of you know that my dear husband has been looking for work since the end of April. He has many applications out there, and has had a few interviews. Things move very slowly, and it can be a trying process. But we are doing our best to stay positive and believe that all will work out for the best.

He is enjoying lots of time with the kids, meanwhile, and having the first summer “off” in many years. All the same, it could be easy to become anxious and wonder what the future will bring, and feel like things have to change soon or there will be problems ahead. While that is true, it doesn’t do any good. It doesn’t change things or make them work out sooner. So it doesn’t pay to go there.

It also doesn’t help any for me to worry and get intense over which teaching position, if any, will work out. Something will, and whatever it is, I’ll learn something. Right now it seems, for my husband and myself, the lesson is having patience and letting go. We have to let go of anxiety, knowing we are making all of the effort we can to set things up, and have patience to see what is going to come of them – what will take root and grow into our next set of opportunities. The hardest part is the patience. Time marches on and tempts us to become anxious, worried about money – a very real issue – and yet worrying doesn’t make money appear. Some might say worrying will block things from happening. I don’t know, but I do know that it doesn’t help. So we take turns reminding each other to enjoy the moment – be present and know that this is going to be a summer with Dad that the kids will always remember and cherish. And we remind each other to believe that things will work out in the right time. Encouraging each other when we need it helps keep us close together, supporting each other as spouses should do.

So the positives of patience and letting go are showing themselves in these ways.

The fruits of our efforts will grow in the right time.

Breathe, ground, let go, and have patience. Be in the moment.
The lessons of this summer.

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