This is a trying time for my family and me. My husband has interviewed for jobs and is waiting for answers. There are many delays. He has another interview coming next week. The days are strange and long as we wait for emails and phone calls. I feel as if I’m being tested to see if I can learn patience.

I had a powerful energy healing session last night from my friends Candy & Ming who reported afterward that I’m standing in between two doors, holding on to both, and neither of them can open. I have to let go and stop blocking them so the right one can open. Surrender – it’s a lesson I’m trying to learn to do.

Of course, I know that I have been anxious over what will happen. We might move, we might stay. The delays are long and trying. So knowing that surrender is needed is different from actually knowing how to make it happen. And there’s something amusing about what I just said: making surrender happen. As if it’s something that can be forced – that’s the opposite of surrender! Even talking about it is difficult to do in terms that make sense.

Knowing what needs to happen is the first step towards doing it. I know that. Now… how to do it. Here’s what I am going to try:

  • conscious breathing – I’m going to take a few minutes, several times during the day, to stop, breathe slowly, and be present. It’s a mini-meditation moment.
  • asking for help – I’m going to ask my angels and guides for help in arranging things for the best good of our family – not once, but at least daily. That will help me remember that I’ve given the process over to those who can make it happen.
  • catching my monkey mind – When I feel myself slipping into the “what if” state of mind, trying to figure out what I would do in any variation of the possible scenarios, I’ll stop, and go to that peaceful place by breathing, and remember that I’m letting the angels handle things.

That’s the plan. I’ll keep you posted on how it works. Feel free to offer suggestions and encouragement!


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