Last weekend, I was reminded that anything is possible. Here’s what happened:

I was at the Gift of Light Expo in Columbus, Ohio, teaching a workshop and giving Reiki healings at my booth. I met lots of nice people, shared Reiki, and had a really good time. The last big expo I was at was in November, in Cincinnati, Ohio, called the Victory of Light. I’ll be there again the second week in April.

Flash back to November, 2010, at the Victory of Light in Cincinnati. The last day of the expo, a woman (I’ll call her Jean) came to my booth, brought by her friend. Jean was stooped over, walking slowly with a cane. She was obviously in pain, said she couldn’t turn her head, stand straight, and couldn’t stand or walk for long. She said she had a cancerous tumor on the base of her spine and constant pain that made it impossible to sleep well at night. Her friend convinced her, with some urging, to try 10 minutes of Reiki. Rather reluctantly, Jean sat in my chair.

I gave her Reiki for 10 minutes. At the end of that time, Jean was surprised to find that she could turn her head back and forth without pain. She was very impressed, and I was grateful that the Reiki had done some good for her. Her friend also had a session, and the two of them left.

Now flash forward to last weekend, in Columbus. I was at my booth, when Jean and her friend came over. Jean was walking tall, smiling, without a cane, and as she came closer, she danced the rest of the way to my booth! I was amazed and exclaimed how great she looked. Jean said that she had to come and see me to thank me for introducing her to Reiki. She said that since meeting me in November, she had been getting weekly Reiki treatments from a woman in her local area. And now, she is completely healed. I mean completely. Jean said she stands taller than she ever has, walks, dances, and moves without pain. The cancer is gone. The pain is gone. She sleeps, and dreams, at night. She was smiling broadly as she told me all of this. I hugged her, overjoyed to find this out. Jean also told me that next week she was being attuned to Reiki.

Seeing Jean again has had a deep impact on me.

I realized that we never know how much Reiki can help someone. Sometimes it is a little, sometimes it is with miraculous results, as in Jean’s case. I’m only grateful that I was in the right place for Jean to experience the start of a life-changing journey of healing.

The experience illuminated for me that I am here to present an opportunity for those who are searching for ways to experience and learn how to access this beautiful healing energy for themselves.

I hope that all who teach Reiki get to meet their Jean.

Here’s a reminder that Reiki practitioners of all levels and modalities are invited to come together the weekend of May 13-15 in Peninsula, Ohio, to share the joys and challenges of this work at the 2011 Reiki Retreat.

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