Last weekend I was at the Gift of Light Expo in Cleveland. I had a booth and was sharing Reiki healing and passing out postcards about the upcoming Reiki Retreat May 13-15. I share a booth with my friend Ernie of Creekside Healing. It’s great fun and a wonderful way to meet people and share the experience of Reiki.

We had just arrived to set up our booth on Saturday morning when we discovered that the food vendors were not equipped to sell lunch foods, but only snacks. We’d have to go out to find lunch and bring it in. I said, “Someone will bring me a sandwich.” Then we went about setting up and starting our day at the expo.

At lunch time, Ernie went out and brought back some food. Nothing that was unplanned.

On Sunday, I had packed us lunches so we wouldn’t have to go out. It was a pretty busy time, and we enjoyed being there.

At about 4pm, it got slow and we were sitting in our booth. Suddenly, another vendor who I hadn’t met come straight to our booth. “Are you hungry?” She asked, “I have this sandwich. Would you like it?” We looked at her, surprised.

“Sure.” said Ernie, “How much do you want for it?”

“Oh, nothing. I just want to give it to you.” she said, “I found out that I’m going out to dinner right after I bought it so I don’t want to eat it. If you’d like it, you can have it.” We gratefully accepted and shared a delicious panini.

I remembered how I had said “Someone will bring me a sandwich” the day before and laughed.

The point here isn’t about the sandwich, although it was great and hit the spot. I also don’t know why this vendor chose us. She hadn’t been asking around, but just came straight to our booth. But beyond those things, I think the point is a greater one.

We have power. Tremendous power, and most of us don’t even know it. Many times over the past year or so I’ve noticed things happening, shifting in my direction, once I set the expectation that it will happen that way. The timing is often surprising – not when expected – or not in the way that’s expected. But that makes it fun – and usually the way things arrange themselves is better than how I would have arranged them myself.

We have help. We’re not alone. When we need something, want to make our lives better, if we ask, things will start to move into place.

There’s no harm in trying this and see how it works for you. How? Just ask. Or state what you want.

There are ways of asking that can help get to the heart of what you want or need. I’m learning these things from the wonderful Amy Oscar. I encourage you to go to her website, buy her book, and just absorb her graceful energy. Amy teaches to ask the angels for the result of what you need. For example, instead of asking for money for paying your bills, ask that your bills be paid in full. Perhaps that will happen in a new and unexpected way. Or instead of asking for a new job, ask for a career that fulfills you and allows you to use your gifts and talents in the best way for you, which allows your family to live in the most comfortable way. Or instead of asking for money for a new refrigerator (if yours is broken), ask for a new refrigerator to be made available to you. Perhaps someone you know will be giving one away and you’ll be in the right place at the right time to know about it.

Most of all, it couldn’t hurt to try. And most likely, the results will surprise and delight you. Isn’t that the best part of all?

Mmmmm. Good sandwich. Thank you, angels.

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