Q: Can I learn Reiki quickly?

A: Although it depends on how willing you are to be open to the energy, learn what it’s about, and practice the techniques, there is a method of Reiki which is simple enough to learn through Master level in about three weeks. Master level means that you will have the ability to teach and attune others after you complete your training.

That method is Practical Reiki TM  I have developed this method and just completed writing a book about it. It is meant for those who don’t need or want to learn a lot of structure or ritual. Practical Reiki gives you the straight talk on learning to access and guide the Reiki energy.  The book gives a down to earth explanation of what Reiki is, how it works, how it helps, and many ways to use it. There’s also information on clairs and chakras that everyone working with energy should know. The book includes important considerations for Reiki practitioners, such as the ethics of permission, energetic protection, and more. The last chapter shares some important FAQs and other excellent resources.

Practical Reiki works with both Reiki (guided life force energy) and Earth energy together. They combine and you learn to guide this energy for self healing, healing for others, and many other uses outlined clearly in the book. The energy is very strong, so you won’t be left wondering if you’re not believing or trusting enough – it’s there. You can feel it right away. This method does not use a series of hand positions, nor are there any symbols or foreign words to learn. It’s simple, straightforward and powerful.

I teach Practical Reiki, by distance as well as in person. You don’t need to be on the phone with me or even in the same country. All you need is email.

Here’s what to do if you want to get started right away:

1. Get the book. It’s available here. If you use this discount code: FBSBD4JN you can have it for $3 off the list price, just for reading my blog. Around 7/18/11 it will also be on Amazon.com. Shortly afterwards it will be available on Kindle and ebook. The paperback is available immediately.

2. Contact me to receive the attunements you’ll need and for personal guidance in your own journey with Reiki.

I’m here to help and to be a resource on Reiki and intuitive development. I work with each student to ensure confidence and success is achieved. I wrote the book because I really want to help everyone learn Reiki and know that everyone is capable of accessing natural healing energy. My book presents exactly what I say during 8 hours of teaching this method to those new to energy healing as well as seasoned professionals.

Comments and questions are welcome! Tune in to ReikiAwakening.com for information on upcoming events, book signings, and more soon!


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