Q: Can I send distance healing to more than one person at a time?

A: Yes! Absolutely!

There are many techniques that will make it easy to do this. You can send distance healing to one, two, ten, a hundred, a million, a whole country, or the world if you want to. Why? Because the limits are all in your intention. Intention is the way we tell the Reiki energy what we want it to do.

Here are some techniques for getting distance healing flowing to any number of people you designate:

  • Use words. This is the simplest method. Simply activate the Reiki energy (most practitioners just say or think “Reiki” or “Reiki on” to do this.) Then intend for Reiki to flow to who you want. For example, “Reiki on. Reiki healing for Jim Smith, Suzy Jones, and Sammy Lee. May each receive the healing that is needed at this time.” Then let the Reiki flow.Another example: “Reiki on. Reiki healing for all who need it in Japan, for their highest and greatest good.” Then let the Reiki flow.
  • Make a list. Write down the names of everyone who you want to send distance healing to. Then intend for the Reiki to activate. Hold the list and intend that Reiki energy flow to all whose names are on the list. I like to read the list while doing so to emphasize the intention to send healing to each person whose name is written on the list.
  • Use a Reiki box. Write the names or intentions (i.e. abundance, a better job, finding my life’s purpose, etc.) each on their own slip of paper. Put all of the papers into a box. Then send distance healing to all intentions in the box. Activate the Reiki energy, then intend “Allow Reiki energy to flow to send healing to all people and intentions written on paper in this box.”
  • The group between the hands method. Intend that the specific group of people you are sending healing to is represented in mini size small enough to fit between your hands. Intend to activate the Reiki energy. Then hold your hands with palms facing each other, and intend to send Reiki to the entire group at once.
  • Make a crystal grid. Here are detailed instructions how to prepare and use one. This is a very visual and concrete way to represent the intention for continuous healing. People who like to have altars or a decorated sacred space for meditation or Reiki practice may gravitate toward this method.

Keep in mind:

  • Personal one-to-one distance healing is often strongest and allows you to be involved enough to scan the person and determine where the energy is flowing.
  • Permission is ethical when sending Reiki to another person. If you know the person or people you wish to send Reiki to, you should try to get their permission first. There are solid reasons for this. For more on the ethics of permission, click here.

To learn more about distance healing, click here.

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