Q: Do I need to protect myself when I give Reiki?

A: It is always prudent when working with higher frequencies of energy, which is what one is doing when giving Reiki, to protect one’s energy before beginning. This isn’t because Reiki is dangerous, or because there could be energetic “backwash” from the person you are treating. Instead, it is because of the nature of what you are doing.

When a person is working with Reiki, the person’s energetic frequency is raised higher. The subtle frequencies of Reiki energy, as well as many other energy sources, are at a higher frequency of vibration than those which we embody day to day. It’s like we’re playing a lower note usually, but when working with Reiki we are reaching for a higher note.

Other practices also raise one’s energetic frequency. Some examples are: meditation, yoga, Qi Gong, Tai Chi, and other energy healing practices. We raise our frequency in doing these things, which allows connection to the Source energy – of which Reiki is a part. Then we can ask that energy of this frequency enter and replenish us or our client. This asking is called “intention” and it’s not a prayer, hope, dream or wish – it’s a directive. When we intend to connect with Reiki energy, meditate, or do these other practices mentioned above, we are open to allowing this higher vibrational Source energy to flow into and through us. Our intuition allows us to communicate with these higher frequencies. This communication assists Reiki practitioners in sensing the needs of the client or self, and sometimes receive guidance or intuitive messages.

So this “opening” to connect with the subtler frequencies raises our vibration just enough to do the work we are intending to do. As is the case with magnetic energy, opposites attract. There are negative energy bits around us as well. They are attracted to higher energy frequencies, and may find an open person a handy entry point.

We can avoid attracting negative energy by using energetic protection techniques. There are many simple ways to protect your energy before giving Reiki or working with intuition. The easiest is just to ask. Say or think an intention that your field be energetically protected as you do this work. I usually think, “I ask for protection and assistance from my guides, angels, and Spirit as I offer this Reiki session.”

Another technique that is especially protective include visualizing and intending that a shield of blue, gold and white light surround your aura, only allowing positive energy to enter. Do this before beginning a healing. Some Reiki practitioners place symbols around the room and in their aura and hands before beginning a treatment, with the intention of protection, support and healing. It’s all intention, and all of them work. So choose what you like and make it a part of your practice.

If you’d like to learn more about energetic protection techniques or increasing your intuition, visit the Reiki Awakening Academy.

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