Q: What should I be thinking about while giving Reiki?

A: It’s best to be in a space of quiet observation during Reiki, whether you are giving or receiving. Most of all, you want to avoid “pushing” the energy. That sort of effort is not only unnecessary, it uses your own personal energy, which Reiki practitioners should never do.

Reiki healings should have two basic steps for the practitioner:

1. Setting the intention – this includes connecting with the Reiki energy (essentially intending “Reiki on” or “Reiki”, which indicates your desire to start the Reiki flowing), and then giving directions to the energy (such as “self healing,” “relieve pain,” “release stress,” or “the healing that is needed,” just for some examples). This is called “Intention.”

2.  Paying attention to the sensations you experience as the energy flows. This is called “Attention.” You may experience changes in temperature, tingles, heat, colors, intuitive messages, sounds, or other sensations which relate to the way your intuition communicates with you. For more on intuitive communication, or clairs, read this post.

So Intention and Attention are the ways you should direct your thoughts when giving Reiki.

That said, if you suddenly find yourself thinking about your to do list, planning your menu for dinner, or mulling over something that happened that morning, it won’t “ruin” the Reiki healing, but it’s best if you could redirect your thoughts to what is happening right now, in this session. That’s going to allow you to give the highest quality of service to your client or recipient. If your thoughts are wandering, you might miss an intuitive message that could be good to share with your client.

If your mind wanders, the Reiki will continue to flow. But consider this…would you want your doctor, pharmacist, counselor, teacher, or even friend to be attending to you but thinking about other things? Of course not. It’s respectful and kindest to be present – here, now – when giving Reiki…as in most things we are doing. Practicing mindful presence will make your life better and improve the quality of your Reiki healings for you, the practitioner, and your client.

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