I’m writing today to extend thanks to some special people who have been supportive to me in many ways behind the scenes and alongside me. By sharing their awesomeness with you, I hope that you’ll also check them out. They can help, and the connections will be a win-win for you and them both, as it was for me!

Jeff Kates, LMT ABT, Director of the Advanced Bodywork and Massage Institute (http://abwami.com/)

Jeff is awesome because he not only teaches a powerfully relaxing and healing type of massage, but he also offered me the chance to teach (twice!) at his beautiful school. He also learned Practical Reiki from me and incorporates it into his work. He’s a sweet, personable guy too. Jeff developed a massage technique called The Kates Method. His students rave about what a great teacher he is. If you’re in the Cleveland area and interested in learning massage, check him out. 

Charley Bach, Director of PC Handyman Computer Services http://www.clevehtspc.com/

Charley is a friend from High School days, and we recently became reacquainted at a computer store. Since then, he has repaired all of my family’s computers, helped me choose a netbook (including purchasing it, upgrading it, and loading it up with software!), picked up and delivered to my house in amazingly fast amounts of time too. He offers a whole huge line of computer and internet related services. And best of all, his prices are totally affordable. I’m thrilled to recommend him. He can even help you remotely if you’re not in the Cleveland area. 

Raizel Michelow, Certified Aromatherapist, Reiki Master & creator of 24 Zen Granola http://www.twenty4zen.com/

Raizel is a friend, and one of the great teachers for my school, Reiki Awakening Academy too. She is a fun person, a master aromatherapist, and has incredible vision too. She has always been helpful in coming up with great ideas for getting the word out about the Academy. The granola she makes and sells, by the way, is amazingly delicious and includes aromatherapy techniques for balancing chakras too! Check her out – she’s just amazing. 

Happy to pass along positive energy for positive people!

Love and light.

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