It’s my birthday and the 5th anniversary of the day I started this blog.

I went back and read last year’s post and am grateful for the progress in achieving my goals, and the new goals that I’ve added.

But I’m not going to talk about those things this year. I just want to share my day.

There’s a lot of hoopla going on right now. People are all excited over tomorrow, 12-21-12, and the Winter Solstice too. Energy people I’ve spoken with are talking about the intensity of the energy they feel. I can’t say that I’m as swept away as some are, but I do feel a sort of intensity. Plus, with the recent events in the news, who doesn’t feel the intense energy right now?

So that was all the more reason for my choosing to spend this birthday on myself. Time for some “me time”!

Here’s what I did today to celebrate my birthday:

  • I met a Facebook friend (who I’ve never met in person) at a lovely little bakery cafe for some breakfast and really great “Reiki talk”. Her name is Michelle Winkler, and her website is
  • I went to see my very favorite massage therapist, John Goad, for a very nurturing 2-hour massage. Not only is John amazing as a massage therapist, but he incorporates energy work, aromatherapy, and  myofacial release techniques. I had the honor of teaching John Practical Reiki two years ago. His energy work is very powerful! The whole experience was wonderful. If you’re within 2 hours drive of Mantua, Ohio, an appointment with John is well worth the trip!
  • Then I got my driver’s license renewed (it expired today). The man taking the pictures at the dmv was smiling and so nice that it’s my best driver’s license picture ever!
  • I came home, made a nice dinner, spent some time with the kids, and now I’m enjoying a quiet glass of wine while I share my day with you lovely readers.

  • My new Energy Healing Cards (which I just published!) came and they look really great! They are now available on Amazon as a gift for the energy healer you are or the energy healer you know.(Energy Healing Cards are a tool for anyone practicing Reiki or other energy healing techniques. Beautiful, full color cards each feature an intention and an affirmation to inspire and encourage your daily healing practice. Choose a card for extra healing, meditation or journaling, or inspiration. Many uses and lots of healing potential in every card. 44 cards plus an instruction card. 3.5 x 5″, rounded corners, laminated, packaged in shrink wrap and sent in an organza drawstring bag.)
So I’m sharing all of this with you because it was such a lovely day. I’m so very grateful that I had the chance to take some time for myself. I promised myself I wouldn’t wait a year to do it again.

The message here (there’s always a message, isn’t there?) is that especially when stress is in the news, our work, and energies surrounding us are high, we NEED to take time to care for our bodies and our souls. Whether it’s your birthday or not, this is really important. It helps us stay at our best to manage all we do. 

May you all enter the new age refreshed and ready. 

Happy holidays and new year too!
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