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Q: Can Reiki help improve my marriage/ relationship?

mgD8aFYA: Yes. Reiki can help with relationships of all kinds. There are many ways to approach this idea.

Before going into this, it might help some of you to know…

What is Reiki?

The word Reiki is from the Japanese language, meaning “Guided Life Force Energy.” Life force energy makes up our thoughts, consciousness, and emotions. It exists in every living thing – plant, animal, and human. In Japanese, Ki is the word for this energy, as you may have heard of Chi or Prana in other languages. Our own Ki can become imbalanced due to stress, pain, illness, or negative emotions such as anger, frustration, anxiety, sorrow, hopelessness, or others. These conditions deplete or cause blockages in our natural state of flowing Ki. When our Ki is in balance, our immune system functions better (as it can receive all that it needs to function optimally). When our ki is blocked or depleted, it can adversely affect our body’s resources for keeping us healthy. We are integrated beings; our emotions and bodies are intimately connected and affect each other. So, it stands to reason that keeping our energy in balance can have positive effects on the state of our body’s health.

Ki isn’t just inside all living things, but it’s also between us, connecting us all. The Ki that exists around us is of a higher “frequency,” much like the water in the air is in a lighter state than that in our bodies, although it’s all made of the same basic H2O. While our own personal ki can be off balance, that which is between us isn’t polluted or weighed down by our personal issues. So, just as pure water can cleanse our system, receiving some of this “pure” ki can replenish and clear blockages in our energy. We can receive this replenishing energy by receiving Reiki.

Rei means “guided”. When we receive Reiki, the pure ki from outside our systems is being guided to us, for us to receive where we are off-balance, to help us heal ourselves back into balance. Imagine a driveway with potholes. A person could throw a bucket of water onto that driveway, and the water would naturally gather into each hole, filling one, flowing out, and filling the next, until it had filled all of the holes. The person doesn’t have to go and individually pour water into each hole one at a time. Similarly, the energy received during a Reiki session flows to naturally correct each imbalance, and replenish each place in which our energy is exhausted. As a result, stress is released, pain is relieved, and positivity restored.

How is the energy guided?

Reiki is guided by intention. Intention means “directive thought.” In other words, telling it what to do! A person can give himself Reiki, or give Reiki to another person. Reiki can also be used to cleanse the energy in a room, to energize food or drink, to soothe pets, help plants grow, or open opportunities for new directions in one’s life. Intention is the process of telling the energy what to focus on. For example, for self-healing, a Reiki practitioner first intends “Reiki on” and then intends “self healing.” He then may place his hands on his body where he wants the energy to focus, or anywhere that is comfortable. The energy flows where it’s needed. Reiki feels soothing, relaxing, and brings a sense of well-being. Once I started giving myself Reiki each night, while falling asleep, I stopped getting sick in the winter altogether. It’s been six years, and I haven’t even had a cold since then. Having made no other changes in my lifestyle, I credit Reiki.

Now, here are some of the ways you can use Reiki to help improve your marriage or relationships:

  • The Karmic Bands between people – in all relationships, there are energetic ties that bind  you together. Some are healthy, some are not. You can intend that Reiki flow to heal the Karmic Band between you and your partner. This can be very helpful for you both. It is a relationship healing, so you are not directly giving Reiki to the other person, nor does that person need to be with you when you activate this healing.
  • The issues in your relationship – are you having trouble communicating? Do you lose your patience easily, or do many things irritate you? Do you hold back from saying what’s on  your mind? Do you feel unworthy or resentful? Identify an issue, and send Reiki to increase the opposite, i.e. the desired outcome rather than what’s happening. If you’re impatient, give yourself healing with the intention of increasing your patience and healing the reasons you feel impatient. If you are having communication issues, give yourself Reiki for your throat chakra to help clear and strengthen your communication. Every time you give yourself Reiki, you are improving your own energy. That has an effect on you and everything in your life as a result. Focus on yourself first.
  • If your partner is willing, give him or her a Reiki healing. The time spent sharing this warm, loving energy will be a nice bonding time for you both. Reiki is one way of expressing love and caring for another person. What relationship wouldn’t benefit from this?
  • Reiki can help when a person is willing to receive that help. That applies to you and your partner too. So choose wisely. If your partner is unwilling to receive Reiki from you, don’t give it to him or her. Work on yourself.
  • Finally, Reiki will work for the highest and best good of the recipient, as dictated by the recipient’s higher self. So whatever the highest and best is for your marriage or relationship will start to flow into being. Whether this means you stay together or move on is not always clear. But Reiki is about healing and can only help.

One note: if you are in an abusive relationship, get out. Your safety is more important than anything. Reiki can be used to help you heal and reestablish your sense of worth. No one should stay in an abusive relationship. There is help available to you.

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