When the media bombards us with many, many stories of ways in which people are cruel and the world is crumbling, it can be very hard not to feel helpless. After a scroll down my Facebook feed in the morning, I feel tempted to hide under the covers and never come out. 

“How can anything I do actually matter?” is the question that runs through my mind. 

Then I take a deep breath and think about who I am, and what I am doing with my life. 

  • I give Reiki sessions to people. Having the power to help them shed emotional baggage and pain of all kinds is significant to them, and also to me. 
  • I write articles and books designed to help people reconnect with their ability to balance their lives and release stress. People read them and find new ways to shift to a better state of mind.
  • I teach subjects that help people find and engage their own powers for healing, manifesting, and intuitive growth to help combat feelings of helplessness over their own lives. The Reiki Masters and Instructors that I train can go on to effectively bring this ability to others.

Think about what you do. Anything you do to help someone – a kind word, a smile, an encouraging message, listening – makes a difference far greater than the time it took you to give it. 

If the media is trying to convince you to feel like you can’t do anything to save a world hurtling towards self-destruction, please join me in taking a breath. Then remember that goodness spreads and grows too. And that is within our ability to engage. 

We’re ok. We do make a difference. Don’t stop.


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