Aura Camera Readings

View the vibrant energy fields around you to reveal your current state of being.

Listen to What Your Aura Says About You

Curious to see your own aura and what information it shares? Aura camera readings can offer a fascinating glimpse into your unique energy signature. Explore the world of energy and its influence on you.

How Aura Camera Readings Work

During an aura camera reading, I’ll use a state-of-the-art AuraCloud 3D Pro aura camera, a high-tech computer program that can translate the data from your hand into a full-scale 3D video, and produce a detailed 20 page report about the state of your energy. It’s a very helpful report that provides insights into your:

  • Dominant aura colors and their meanings
  • Energy levels
  • Emotional state
  • Overall well-being

Experience Your Aura in Two Ways

I offer Aura Camera Readings alone or in addition to a Reiki session, so you can see the before/after effects of your session.

Single Aura Camera Reading: Perfect for exploring your energy field. Book your Aura Camera Reading in Gaithersburg, MD, here.

Duration: 30-minute

Price: $45.00 USD

Aura Camera Reading with Reiki Session: Combine your aura reading with the healing benefits of Reiki to see the shift “before and after” effects after the session. Book your combined session below. 

Duration: 90-minute

Price: 150.00 USD


Here is a video of me using the aura camera
with a crystal


A Unique Gift for Yourself or a Loved One

Aura camera readings make a great gift! Purchase gift certificates below are available for single readings and in convenient packages. Gift Certificates can be used together as a group too!

How many certificates would you like?

One certificate $45 

Three certificates $125 

Six certificates $200

How many certificates would you like?