A Big Lesson on Attunements and Time

I had a very enlightening experience last night with one of my new Energy Healing Mentoring Program students, and I think it’s important to share what I’ve learned.

It was her first attunement to Kundalini Reiki. I did my customary introduction email, which includes information about the attunement process, including how to receive the attunements. I attached the manual, and said that the next steps are to 1) read the manual, 2) email me with any questions, and then 3) I would answer them and send the first attunement.

Shortly afterward I received an email reply saying she had received the attunement, it was gentle and warm, and her hands had felt tingly.

But I had not sent the attunement yet.

I stopped and thought for a few minutes.

Is it possible to receive an attunement that has not been sent yet? Theoretically yes, since Reiki energy is not limited to time or space. I frequently send it to the future, or have it “held” or “queued” until someone intends to receive it. This always works. And healing can be sent to the past, to heal the effects of a past trauma, helping one heal in the present. But an attunement? I wasn’t sure. One possibility would be to “back-send” the attunement. But that didn’t feel right to me.

I decided to be certain. I sent her an email explaining that perhaps my email had been unclear or misunderstood, and I had not actually sent the attunement. Her experience could have been the result of being tuned in to energy, and experiencing a little of that. I answered the questions she had included in her email, and I sent the attunement, asking her to please receive it per the instructions from the first email, and then send me feedback afterward.

She wrote back apologizing for her misreading my initial email and saying she would go receive the attunement.

40 minutes later, she emailed me this (reprinted with permission):

WOW. *HUGE* difference. If I ever wanted to set up a double blind experiment, this absolutely proves that Reiki is awesome and it works. The energy was very, very intense–I felt all of my chakras opening up and receiving the energy. Initially I was seated but I had to go lie down! Powerful stuff, and I’m still reeling from it. The first time around before you had actually sent it, it was a nice, relaxing “let’s commune with Reiki”. Actually receiving this attunement was a totally different story. I see now why you recommend taking it easy and relaxing for an additional 30 minutes–I’m typing this now on my laptop in bed, and I can’t even imagine falling asleep right now! I am DEFINITELY taking it easy and am quite glad that I have nothing going on tomorrow until the early afternoon!

Once I’ve had the chance to soak this up I’m going to try the self-healing exercises. I expect to see a huge difference there too!

Here’s what I learned:

  1. You need to send an attunement beforehand or in real time for it to be properly received. I had thought that perhaps I could “back-send” it and maybe she had received it since time is of no real significance with energy work. But clearly, because there was a huge difference between calling in a non-attunement (a vague, mild connection to the energy for someone who is sensitive), and calling in an already sent one. (Strong energy that she felt for the entire 30 minutes and then was ungrounded for a while afterward. Note that I emailed her some important grounding techniques which I recommended she do immediately.)
  2. It’s best to make directions clear, but if there are misunderstandings, to be clear and fix them. An extra attunement would not have been a problem, but not being attuned would have. I’m reviewing my email to see if I can make it clearer for my future Reiki students! I always strive to improve in my teaching methods.
  3. Lessons in proper grounding are important to include in my teaching. Attunements can cause a spacey-dizzy feeling, which indicates being ungrounded. Drinking water; going outside; and doing a visualization of yourself as a tree, roots growing down deep into the earth from the soles of your feet are all good ways to ground your energy. I will include this information with future instructions.

I am always working on my development as a teacher, and work with my students on developing teaching techniques as well. I know that after level 3, those I attune are capable of attuning others, and I want to pass on some practical, ethical, and experiential information to help them grow into the strongest teachers and healers they can be.

In other news…
I am proud to share that I have had the honor of being interviewed on ReclaimU.com Radio about Reiki. It will be posted for a week, and then I’ll have it permanently posted here and on the ReikiAwakening.com website. It was a great experience! I hope you enjoy hearing me talk about my experiences with Reiki and how it can help people in many ways.

Peace and enlightenment.

Reiki Awakening Reiki blog by Alice Langholt